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Monday, January 11, 2010

Today was definitely a Monday.

There's nothing like listening to genocide memorial projects all day long to get you in a swell mood. We had a fantastic research project assignment to close out our Night (Holocaust) unit, and there were some pretty amazing finished products turned in today. One student even admitted how unaware he was of these other genocides in the world because all he ever learned about in school was the Holocaust. Ah, it's nice when they understand "the point." Well, awareness isn't the whole point, but I love it when students have the "aha" moment that bursts their small-town bubble, even if it only is for a single moment.

Anyway, my original point was that it was a little bit of a downer (to say the least) to listen to stories about rape and massacres all day long. My relief tonight came in the form of baby laughter and even my own laughter at The Bachelor.

Matt had rehearsal until 8, so I was a good wife (hehe) and took him Sonic and a sweet baby girl while he wasn't directing. Yes, I was supposed to make spaghetti for dinner; no, I did not want to cook at all today (even spaghetti, aka the easiest thing in the world to make); yes, we had Sonic gift cards (thanks Uncle Vernon and Aunt Tina!). Needless to say, the decision was relatively easy to make.

I even got some precious Avery time when I got home. She even LAUGHED for me! Okay, I know babies are supposed to laugh all the time, so I shouldn't think this is a big deal. But if you've spent any time with Avery over the past couple of months, you'll know that she doesn't laugh anymore. Don't get me wrong; she's a very happy baby, but whenever she's excited about something and wants to laugh, she snorts. Like a pig. Sure it's cute and all, but sometimes it's just really fun to hear a sweet baby laugh.

And okay, okay, I caved. I swore off The Bachelor after Jason's fiasco of a season. But that (stupid) show is my guilty TV pleasure. I can't help it! Pardon the tired cliche, but watching these desperate drama queens fight over one (admittedly pretty cute) guy is like watching a train wreck. And tonight was drama-filled. Sigh. (I pick Alli, btw.)

Fortunately, my life is not fraught with such theatrics, and I think I will return to living it away from the computer screen.

p.s. I'm so beyond ready for the weather to warm up again. My puppies are total weenies when it comes to the cold, and they're driving me nuts inside the house.

p.p.s. I can't wait for Dear John to come out in theaters. If you haven't read it (yes, I know it's just a cheesy Nicholas Sparks novel, but don't be a literature snob; it is SO GOOD), go read it before the movie comes out. Seriously.

1 comment:

Kati said...

Great post! Maybe I'll go get that book. And I'm so glad you're watching The Bachelor :-) Isn't it ridiculous? But it's my only "trashy" show and I. ADORE. IT. When are we getting together??!