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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Allison!

Today marks my last day to have any teenage siblings. Allison turned the big 2-0, and I believe she deserves a blog dedication for this milestone.

So happy birthday to the best sister I could ask for. Thanks for being the butt of so many jokes, the recipient of so many pranks, and cheap labor when you didn't know any better. You've turned out okay, kid.

For those of you who aren't privileged to know my sister, she is
  • beautiful inside and out,
  • has an incredible eye for photography,
  • is a stud on the soccer field,
  • is a completely genuine goofball,
  • has a heart to serve others,
  • doesn't settle for the status quo,
  • sings and plays piano like nobody's business,
  • tells it like it is,
  • and has a maturity beyond her years.
And as much as I've always told her how annoyed I am that she copies everything I do (even down to the name of her significant other, I mean, come on), I am so honored to say that she's my sister.

Allison, I truly do look up to you (even though I know it's supposed to be the other way around since I am the older, wiser one, lol). And even though I have to love you because we're family, I genuinely like you. That says something.

So enjoy the rest of your birthday and check your mailbox this week.

Happy 20th!


Kati said...

Sweet :-) I can't believe my sister is already a teenager...I still remember sharing a room with her in Ovilla. I'd be trying to do homework and she'd be in her little toddler bed making noise. Ahhh. Siblings are the best!

ALLISONNN35 said...

Well, you ARE the older and wiser one and I feel sooo honored to have a whole blog post of my own on here. Only Avery gets that! I love you so so so much. I miss you a lot already. (Since when did I become such a homebody??)