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Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 6 Month "Birthday" Avery!

The Friday Five has taken a temporary hiatus until I finally catch up on my late blogging. Perhaps I will resurrect my end-of-the-week randomness next week, but until then...

Sweet Avery,

You're becoming such a big girl! January 3rd marked six whole months since you entered our world; Daddy and I knew we would love you from the beginning, but we had no idea it would be this much. Aunt Allison took some super fun pictures of you the other day, and I couldn't choose just one to post. I love seeing your personality come out in each one!
So here's what you're up to these days:
  • You sit up all by yourself-- you especially love to do this in the bathtub so you can splash extra hard!
  • You eat rice cereal, bananas, green beans, and sweet potatoes (although I don't think you share my love of green beans quite yet; you'll get there!). You also like to blow raspberries when you eat; I need to wear a bib, too!
  • You love to jump. In fact, you don't reserve your jumping for your door jumper anymore; you jump in stationary exersaucers and even on Daddy and me!
  • You make all kinds of noises now. You love to squeal and make this high-pitched dinosaur noise. I also think you forgot how to laugh because now every time you try to laugh you snort. It's pretty cute for now, but if you ever want a boyfriend, you might rethink this laughing thing. On second thought...
  • You wear 6-9 month clothes
  • You like to sleep with your little bottom sticking straight up in the air. I can't even try to put you to sleep on your back because you roll over immediately and get that little booty up. You "talk" in your sleep, too. Cute!
  • You grab everything...especially hair (ouch!) and your feet, which you like to eat.
  • You have discovered your tongue and like to just stick it out all the time, but you still don't have any teeth yet.
  • I think my favorite things that you do though are "singing" all the time (you'll fit in this family just fine!) and patting our backs when we're trying to pat yours. It's just too sweet.
You're just growing up way too fast already, but we can't wait to see the beautiful young lady that you're going to become. We love you!

Mommy (and Daddy!)


Whitney said...

I love the pictures! Avery is such a beautiful little girl. We REALLY need to get together again soon!

Kati said...

Ok, this has about brought me to tears :> How cute is she!? I love the little tutu skirt and I can't believe ya'll got her to pose for that last pic. What a blessing.