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Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrate Good Times...

To say this was a full weekend would be a drastic understatement.

We started off the action by attending my baby brother's graduation from the police academy. He's been employed by our police department for a few months already now, but he officially gets to start as an officer tomorrow. We're so proud of him! After the ceremony, family and friends went to Spring Creek Barbecue and ate our weight in hot rolls (okay fine, maybe that was just me).
After Matt dropped Avery and me off at home, he went and picked up our brand-spankin-new mattress!! I'm so tempted to add more exclamation points because that is just how excited we were to get it. We've been talking about getting a new mattress for months now, and after a few years of hand-me-downs, it's the first good bed we've had since we've been married (not that we weren't grateful for those hand-me-downs!). Ahhh, I've slept SO soundly the last two days; poor Matt has had to get up with Avery and/or the dogs in the mornings because I just don't. hear. a. thing. And we got a rockin good deal: a $2,000 mattress set for under $500. Thank you, Mattress Giant for clearing out your floor models during a massive July 4th sale!

Matt's parents and sister came in town on Friday night, so we just chilled at home that evening because Avery was already fast asleep by the time they made it in (stupid traffic!).

Saturday was Avery's first birthday! We had lots of family and friends join us, and Avery got her first taste of cake. And not just any cake-- the best cake ever. A sweet mom of a student Matt and I both taught last year made it for us, and I was just in love with it! Avery didn't think it was too bad either. :) Matt's parents brought a blow up water slide and a bouncy house with a ball pit attached to it, but Avery would have none of it. I was so surprised because she is usually all about that kind of stuff! We asked that people not bring gifts to the party (mostly because Avery just has so much stuff, but we also just wanted everybody to come and hang out without having to worry about bringing her anything), but since the request was largely ignored, we let Avery open her gifts while everyone was there. She's a very blessed little girl!

Saturday night Avery just crashed. I guess a sugar high and overstimulation will do that to ya! As for us, we got pizza and chilled in front of the TV (okay, so I worked on church stuff, but it was relatively relaxing).

The Fourth of July is my very favorite holiday (although I do love Christmas and Thanksgiving). I love fireworks, grilling (or, uh, having other people grill for me), eating outside, and just hanging out with friends. Just overlook the humidity and the bugs (and this year ash falling from the sky during the fireworks show-- eek!), and it's the best day of the year. We spent the Fourth at the Talleys with lots of people from our church, and Avery adored the fireworks. As long as we were holding her, she wasn't scared at all of the loud noises, and she just watched with her eyes filled with wonder as the sky lit up in brightly colored explosions. It was perfect.

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable. Congratulations to Nick, and happy birthday to Avery and America!


Brooklynn said...

I LOVE that cake. Let me repeat, I LOVE that cake. She did such a great job!!

Looks like Avery had a great first birthday and fourth of July!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! Congrats to your brother! That cake looks sooo great and I'm sure it was super yummy. And yes, kids have sooo much these days. We got a ton of clothes for E's 1st but did ppl forget that she has clothes from her sister already? Seriously the only wear them for a few months.

Lauren Benson said...

Glad you were able to get such a great mattress for a great price. We really appreciate your business. Hope you had a great holiday!

Lauren with Mattress Giant