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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rangers, Bath Products, Brilliant Saturdays, and the World Cup

Life is a whirlwind! It's a good whirlwind, but it's windy nonetheless.

Lately, we've pretty much been working hard around the house, running errands, and spending time with Avery during the day because we've had rehearsal every. single. night.

On Thursday night, Matt got a small reprieve because he was able to go to the Ranger game with our church's men's ministry. One of the guys has a "suite" hookup (haha, I'm so punny), so a bunch of guys got to go hang out for the evening. Matt doesn't take pictures, so here were a couple he managed to snap (not of himself, of course!).

Friday was my reprieve. I got to spend the morning and early afternoon with my mom, sister (Allison), and sister-in-law (Chelsea). We went to a store called Bath Junkie, and it was so cool! You get to mix your own scents from their huge list, and they even have "recipes" that you can test out to see if you like them. Then you just tell them what product you want, which scent you chose, and what color they should make it. And voila! You take home personalized bath products. I got a face wash (to hopefully clear up the ridiculous redness that has made its home on my visage) and shower gel. Love it! After we left, we went next door to Central Market because 1) I needed to get some fruit for the rest of the week, and 2) it's just fun to walk around in there. And then the best part was that there was a Cafe Brazil right across the street! YUMMYILOVETHATPLACE! I ventured out and got chicken fried steak and eggs. Now that's a heart attack just waiting to happen. :) It was so much fun just hanging out though; I wish Chelsea and Aaron didn't live so far away! Okay, so it's only a little over an hour to their town, but still.

On Saturday morning, Matt went and met some guys from the church for breakfast (7:00 in the morning?!? no, thank you!), and then we met up again at the church for the Little Women tech rehearsal at 9. After rehearsal, Matt took Avery shopping so he could get some Professor Bhaer shoes, and I stayed at church to get some children's ministry stuff done. I get so much accomplished when I work up there (vs. working from home)! I'm so thankful I'll have a couple days a week to be there next year while Avery goes to her awesome MDO. Then we met up at home in time to get Avery fed and down for bed, and we enjoyed the rest of the evening with chips and queso and guac while we watched a movie. Ahh, it was a fantastic day.

Speaking of Little Women, we did a preview song during church today to help advertise the show, and tickets are already going so fast! You should come see it-- we open this week and have performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. If you're in the DFW area, leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send you the rest of the info!

And I know I should be watching the World Cup final right now. I've been a huge soccer freak my entire life, so it just seems like it'd be natural for me to follow the biggest soccer event of the quadrade. (Haha, I'm pretty sure I just made up that word, but there really needs to be a word for "every four years.") Anyway, I've just been so busy that I can't even bring myself to care. And that makes me sad.

Tomorrow begins a new week. I'm SO excited about the show next weekend, and as sad as I am for it to be over, I'm really excited to have some down time. Whatever that is. :)


Amy said...

you'll have almost a whole week "off" at Bloys! yippee!!!!

Brooklynn said...

You guys are TOO busy! :)

Kati said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to see the play :< I hope it went wonderfully!