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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Growing Up.

Today was Avery's one year well check-up, and boy has she grown! She's a whopping 24 lbs 12 oz and is 32 inches tall (still off the charts for her height)! Her pedi was so impressed with her verbal and physical development. Avery's vocabulary is already triple the norm for a 12 month old. She has 10 words already: baboo (which means "puppy" and the pedi said counts as a word because she assigned it meaning), night night, mama, dada, moo, book, uh-oh, door, nose, and bubba (which means "belly button"). Isn't she smart?!? Not that I'm biased or anything. :) The two shots invoked only minimal crying; oh, and Avery did okay with them, too.

If you have the time, I encourage you to head over to MckMama's post on today's parent. I couldn't agree with her more, and I definitely couldn't have said it better. Disclaimer: it's long and probably controversial, but it's well worth your time. Check it out!

I've been thinking a lot about growing up, specifically my own childhood memories. I don't really have time to write a thoughtful post about all these mind-ramblings right now, but Matt and I frequently have conversations about being intentional with our kids' childhoods and making sure that we're giving them quality life-experiences. I'll come back to this topic later because there's lots to explore.

But now it's play time, and these are times I can't get back. :) Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear the check-up went well. Great post link. Times have definitely changed...some for good and some not. Lots of thoughts on the topic, so I won't start in on that. =p