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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things past and things to come.

I rocked my baby to sleep tonight for the first time in over a week, and it felt good. I didn't even care that it took a whole 45 minutes before she would stay asleep when I laid her down. I love love love the way she just slips her arms underneath mine in a big hug and lays her head on my chest as she slowly drifts off. Sigh. 

And now I have a kajillion things to do, but I feel guilty spending time on the computer when Avery's awake and Matt's home. He's not home, she's asleep, so here I am.

Little Women had a fantastic run this weekend. More on that later. There's lots to tell, so I'm thinking a full post is forthcoming.
Three of the March sisters backstage (I can honestly say that I don't miss that wig).
I love Babe's. I couldn't even eat dinner tonight because I was so full from our lunch there.

Avery has a huge bruise on her nose, and I'm already anxious to get her out of bed tomorrow out of fear that it will expand into a black eye. And it was my fault. So much for letting her explore her surroundings. Oops.

I have tonight and tomorrow at home, and then I'm heading out to take our 5th and 6th graders to preteen camp on Tuesday. We come back Saturday, and as excited as I am for the kids (who are beyond ecstatic, mind you), I'm already dreading leaving Matt and Avery for four nights. The camp's only an hour away, so I'm hoping they can come visit a couple of days. It's gonna be an awesome week though, and I can't wait to see how God works in the kids' lives (and mine!).

I'll have a week at home, and then we head out to campmeeting! Words cannot express how excited I am. Last year I felt like I was pretty much confined to the cabin since I was nursing and Avery was a slooooow eater. Not to mention that she was also only four weeks old and we were sleeping in a tent. Something tells me that this year will bring a whole new set of challenges though: trying to keep her "clean" while she crawls around an unenclosed cabin and gets into more messes than I'd like to imagine. It'll be totally worth it though to spend a week in the mountains of west Texas (yes, they do exist) where the high is in the 80s and we go without computers and TV and other mindless distractions in favor of sitting around talking, playing games, going to services in the Tabernacle, hiking, napping, reading, eating, and just resting.
This was how Avery spent her first year at Bloys.
My attempt at hiking four weeks postpartum. Ahem, I am much skinnier this year.
Where has the summer gone? I'm loving every minute of it. Hope yours is just as amazing.

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Anonymous said...

How precious is that photo of A sleeping!! Love it! Sounds like a busy rest of the summer...same here. Enjoying it though.