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Thursday, January 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing

So last year I implemented my own 30-day organizing challenge, and it was crazy how much I got in order around the house. I loved it! I wish I could say that all of it has stayed in pristine organizational condition, but if I said that I'd be lying. And lying is a sin, you know.

Imagine my glee at discovering that Org Junkie is starting a 52-week organizing challenge meant to last the entire year. Yippee!

I haven't quite completed my list of clutter-cleansing to-dos, but I'm planning on adding to it as the year goes on. There are always things to be organized! I must be a huge nerd to be using so many exclamation points to talk about organizing!


I wanted to tackle something relatively easy right off the bat, so I started with our linen closet. I had already done the linen closet during my last challenge, but it had gotten a little bit out of hand. Fortunately, all of my previously used labels were still intact (nerd alert!), so after some purging of unused (and overused) towels and other miscellaneous items, it is back in tip-top shape.



Now doesn't that just make you feel better? Or not. I, for one, love knowing that one small portion of my life is in order. That might just be a little sad. See ya next week for my next challenge! I'm thinking that pantry is calling my name...


Anonymous said...

There might be some helpful stuff over at Organizing Your Way for you. I think they just started their Grand Cleaning Plan.

Kelly said...

Great job with week #1!

Krajcimama said...

The pantry!!! That's on my list, too. :)

I love having a little bit of organisation. Plus, I always tend to make sure it stays that way when I've made an extra effort to get it done!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's actually Organized Home.

Samantha said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog and encouraging me! Moving your scrapbooking supplies to a corner of your room is a bummer but...babies are better than a bigger space for scrapbooking stuff! I'll look forward to see how you organize things in your room.

I like the organized linen closet. I really need to go through our sheets and give away some that we never use (you know the ones that won't even stay on the corners of the bed!)


Martha (MM) said...

I'm taking the 52 week challenge too!

Should be fun working through this with others. Good luck! :-)

Amanda said...

looks great!!