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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five

1. Matt got paid today. Hallelujah, and let the grocery shopping commence.

2. Anybody want to recommend your dishwasher? Ours is a rebellious, bottom-of-the-line model that is needing to be replaced by an appliance that is willing to adequately perform its duties.

3. Avery and I took a trip up to Northpark (aka mommy [and nanny] central) this morning with our friends Whitney and Pearson. We went to a couple stores (including Build-a-Bear and a toy store to play and not buy because I am that mom), ate in the food court (Avery from her lunchbox and me from Chick-fil-a; don't judge, she doesn't know the difference yet and we live on one income. Plus I'm pregnant and crave Chick-fil-a. So there.), and she got a treat of exactly four gummy candies at the candy store. I then made a fool of myself trying to keep my sleepy girl awake in the car so she would nap at home, and lo and behold, the girl with the droopy eyelids who was trying so hard to crash in the car would not go down for her nap once we got home. Good thing I'm persistent because she is now fast asleep and I am wasting time on the computer.

4. After this weekend, the musical will be over and I will have my husband back.

5. This weekend's festivities are as follows. Tonight: dinner with Whitney and Lauren and their kids while Matt works, cut more flannelgraph and try not to get carpal tunnel, and go to bed at a semi-decent hour. Tomorrow: go to the grocery store and BUY FOOD, hang out with Matt, work at church for a couple hours, and take Avery to my mom's so I can see the musical. Sunday: church and who-knows-what-will-come-up-but-it's-always-something-on-Sundays.

That might be my most boring Friday Five post ever. Oh well, I'm tired.



Kati said...

Ah, I liked this post! It is NOT fun to not have a dishwasher...we've been there until we replaced ours...not sure what model. All you do is all day is wash dishes! And don't feel bad about chic-fil-a; you deserve it :) Get some oats and butterscotch chips at the store ;>

Anonymous said...

1. Woohoo!
2. We don't even have a dishwasher! No, actually, we do. It's me!! Not sure why the previous owners didn't put in a dishwasher when they remodeled the entire kitchen.
3. Too funny! I did that too. You can decide which part I'm talking about. I was just asking the other day, who says, "lo and behold". =p
4. Woohoo again!
5. Enjoy your weekend.