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Monday, January 10, 2011

BIrthday, movies, organizing, and snow.

On Saturday we celebrated Allison's fake birthday. She turns 21 on the 16th, but she's going to be in Costa Rica studying abroad on her for real birthday, so we had a fake one for her. We went to my very favorite Mexican restaurant in the entire world, Chuy's. Give me a Chuychanga with deluxe tomatillo sauce and I am a very happy girl (especially after having a craptastic day while Matt was in Waco and Avery was throwing the biggest tantrums of her life). Anyway, happy early birthday, Allison!

Avery loves her Aunt "Cheshea"

Me with the (fake) birthday girl!

Mom, Dad, Uncle Vernon, and Aunt Tina

"Hey Avery, make a funny face!"

Avery with her great-grandparents

Our little family. :) (p.s. That's my friend Julie behind us! It was a fun surprise to find out that she was our waitress!)
Today's Dallas Groupon is for $5 tickets (with a drink) at Studio Movie Grill. I love SMG, so I jumped on the offer (it's a great cheap date night!). You should, too! Plus, if you click on this referral link to purchase yours, you'll be giving me a $10 Groupon credit. That doesn't really help you out much, but I'd very much appreciate it. :) You have to buy today to get the deal, and it expires on February 24.

This 52 Week Organizing Challenge thing has given me organizing ADD. I have SO much to get done, so my brain keeps working on overdrive trying to decide where to start next. I worked on moving some photos around to consolidate albums, but picture storage is kind of a nightmare for me. Anybody have any tried and true solutions to pass along? I already store the digital versions on Snapfish (I know there are better storage sites, but it's just easier for me to keep them somewhere I can get cheap prints), but my leftover (read: unscrapbooked) prints are taking up too much space. I'm not a huge fan of the photo storage boxes, so right now I'm using just regular albums you slip the pictures in.

It snowed yesterday! Woohoo! I don't even have any fun pictures of Avery playing in it because she really only got to play in it with Uncle Nick after church (ahem, in her totally non-waterproof boots in which her feet got soaked). I'm lame like that. But was wasn't lame was that Matt got a 2-hour delay for school today, so he got to sleep in and eat breakfast with us before he had to be at work at 10. And now I feel all weird because it seems like it should be a Saturday.

That's all I've got for today. I really need to be more productive during Avery's naptimes instead of spending my time catching up on the blog.

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