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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Five

1. I was such a good wife yesterday. I decided to take dinner to Matt since he had rehearsal until 6 and orchestra practice until 8. Avery and I even ate a little early so I could pack up Matt's dinner and get us in the car. I wasn't such a good mom though when I tripped on a ramp to walk into the school, slamming Avery's head into the corner of the building. Ugh, who does that? Aside from hurt pride, I scraped up my left hand and right foot in the process. I'm such a baby.

2. Thanks to our current budget, we only bought two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year. And because Samoas only come with like 10 cookies in a box (or so it seems), we went with a close second, Thin Mints. Mmm, I love Thin Mints. Especially out of the freezer. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Anyway, my point is that my awesome husband discovered this recipe for copycat Samoas that I can't wait to try. So all is not lost in Cookie Land.

3. We need a new computer. I'm afraid our 6-year-old desktop is about to crap out, so it'd be nice to get a new one before we lose all of our data. The current debate is desktop vs. laptop. I had a laptop in college and loved it, but we also like just having our computer in a specified location. I'm currently leaning toward laptop, so give me your recommendations. :) (Sorry though, Macs are out; we'd love to buy one, but we just have to come to grips with what we can afford, which is unfortunately not an Apple product [even a used one].)

4. Avery and I took a little trip up to Rowlett today to see my friend Kati and her new baby, Karlyn. Avery just adored Karlyn, and it was nice to be able to catch up a little with an old friend (well, between trying to chase Avery out of the baby gear, ha!). An added bonus: Avery didn't freak out when I held a baby like she has been doing recently. So maybe the transition won't be quite so bad in May? Maybe?

She was so happy when we finally let her "hold her" by herself.

I promise Avery was happier than she looks!

Kati was such a trooper letting Avery "hold" Karlyn so much!

5. We have relatively no plans this weekend. I am so beyond excited about that fact. I'll go to the craft night with some ladies from church tonight, but other than that, we're FREE!! Woohoo!!


Sarah said...

Ok, first of all, apparently you and I have the same taste buds, because my faves are Samoas (or however you spell them..) and I LOVE thin mints in the freezer. So, when I am off this diet, I will try those cookies! But, while I am on the diet, I found these Fiber Plus Coconut Caramel Chocolate Granola bars that taste JUST LIKE Samoas. They are SO good, just FYI! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Delivering dinner - nice. Slamming daughter's head - oops. It happens.
2. For some reason we didn't see many Girls Scout around this year, and when we did, they didn't have what we wanted, which were Samoas and Thin Mints. Never thought about finding a recipe.
3. We have a laptop only.
4. Avery is definitely cute carrying that little baby.
5. Yay for free weeknds!

Kati said...

Those samoas bars look awesome! I have made a cookie recipe that taste like those too...but they aren't the prettiest things :>

Thanks again for coming to visit us!