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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrounging for Food

Thanks to this 5-week pay period, we ran out of grocery money about a week too soon. That's what happens when you budget for 4-weeks. Thanks, MISD.

We've about finished off all leftovers and anything we can make out of the pantry, leaving the fridge and said pantry looking like this:

Exciting, huh?

So it seems that now might be an excellent time to organize that pantry, seeing how it contains a very manageable stock. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a so-exciting-you-just-can't-stand-it organizing challenge update featuring: THE FOOD CLOSET. Dun dun dunnnnn!

In the meantime, Matt's working late all week with the musical, so I'm crashing my parents' house for dinner tonight before Lifegroup and eating with a couple of temporarily-husbandless-also friends and their kids on Thursday.

Avery and I should be good until Friday when I can go to the store. Matt on the other hand might be subsiding on animal crackers and applesauce.


Anonymous said...

We have been trying to a pantry week every 6 weeks or so. We have come up with some creative meals that way. =p

Sarah said...

SAME BOAT! They paid us on December 17, which is 8 days early, and we have to make it til the 25th!! We have NO food and NO money! :( Blek!