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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five

1. I have officially found the best chicken salad recipe in the world. (Sorry, Mom!) Chicken salad is a tricky thing; it needs a little sweetness without being overbearing, and in my opinion it should require as few ingredients and steps as possible. Everyone has their own preferences for this delectable concoction, but this fits my requirements (and taste buds) perfectly with its crushed pecans and sliced red grapes. Mmmm, and now I'm just mad that we ate all the leftovers. I'll post the Heather-fied version of it later this week, but if you can't wait until then, just go with the link. You can thank me later.

2. If you missed it Tuesday, Avery's sleeping in her new bed! We finally finished her "big girl" room, and while I know lots of people think we're nuts for moving her to a twin bed before she even turns two (we need the crib in the new nursery), she has adjusted excellently so far. She actually goes to sleep now without tears, and she's fallen off the bed fewer and fewer times each night. :) After a rough first middle-of-the-night, during which I ended up sleeping with her from midnight to 5am, we're excited that she hasn't had any major issues with the transition.

3. For some people it's TV shows. For some people it's video games. My time-sucker is Facebook. I'm really trying to back down on the time I spend catching up on other peoples' lives so I can focus on living my own. There's a lot more to it, but really, I'm just adding this to my Friday Five as accountability for myself. :)

4. Today we're making a second attempt to go to my friend Amanda's house so we can sew while our kids play. We originally planned to do this a couple weeks ago, but Avery was sick-ish and I didn't want to be that mom (whatever that means, haha). So today is Sewing Day, take two. Maybe I can whip out a cute pair of shorts I've been wanting to make for my little munchkin.

5. I especially LOVE that today's Friday because it means spring break for my favorite person in the world! We have a fun weekend ahead, but then we also get the whole week with Matt home! And it's his birthday week, so we might just have to make it an extra-long celebration.

Hope you have a great weekend!

1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

1. Love chicken salad! Yum!
2. We moved Melody to her full size bed right when she was 2, and probably the same for Emily...probably not a full because they'll be sharing a room and it's not big enough for another full. It would fit, but no room for anything else. We're hoping to add another bedroom and bathroom one day. Anyhow, love Avery's room, and I'm glad the transition was easy.
3. I know what you mean about FB. I check it on my phone all the time, but now I set a limit. I don't update too much on there, but check out what everyone else is up to. =p
4. You always end up being 'that mom' no matter what. If you bring your kid when they're runny-nosed, then you're 'that mom' who gets everyone's kids sick. If you don't bring your kid when they're runny-nosed, then you're 'that mom' who worries too much over every little thing. I'm the hide-away mom. haha Oh well.
5. Happy spring break! And happy bday to Matt!