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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matty!

We started off Matt's 28th birthday celebration by feasting on donuts. Mmm. I offered to make breakfast, but the birthday boy wanted donuts, and I'm not going to argue with the easier option. Only, don't ask Avery to smile when she's eating sugary goodness (a rare breakfast treat). Because she won't.

Then we went to our town's Chamber of Commerce expo at the conference center, and we loaded up on free candy, pens, stress balls, and toothbrushes. It was surprisingly kinda fun to walk around, but it got even better when we went upstairs to the Taste of... section. Yum.

We drove around town for awhile after that and stopped at a few garage sales. There wasn't anything too spectacular, so all we came home with was a box of alphabet fridge magnets (how did we not already have these?) that we bought for a whopping 50 cents.

During Avery's naptime, I mowed the yard (oh my gosh, when did our yard get so much bigger?) to give my hard-working husband a break and cleaned the house.

And to top off our day, we had our friends Kendra and Carlos along with my brother Nick and his girlfriend, Brittany, over for dinner on the deck (after our neighbors so graciously let us borrow their propane tank since Matt discovered ours was completely empty right as he was putting the chicken on the grill; we owe them so big).

Yeah, we still haven't bought patio furniture yet.
Needless to say, Avery LOVES playing outside. If she gets this dirty playing by herself, I'm a little scared to see what messes she'll create when she has a partner in crime!
See? She wore herself out.

After the boys beat the girls in a game of Buzzwords, Matt got to open his not-so-secret-thanks-to-Nick (haha) birthday gift of.... Batman pajama pants. That's right, be jealous. I worked on them all week and finally finished them Friday night (pictures to come in a sewing post later this week).

So happy birthday to the best guy I know. I love you, Matt!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time celebrating!

Brooklynn said...

Time for a blog award! Check it out!