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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update

After sleeping in and enjoying a lazy morning, Avery and I went and met an old friend's mom to pick up some baby boy clothes that they weren't going to be using (thanks again, Tami!). 

Then we came home to play for awhile before meeting up with my friend Kari and her daughter, Emma, at a local outdoor mall. Avery and I tried to enjoy our little picnic lunch by the fountains, but she freaked out every time the wind blew and we got sprinkled by the water. Haha! Either we need to work on her not being afraid to get wet before summer comes, or she was just cranky because it was naptime.

Even though she was beyond tired, Avery got her second wind before we left. She followed Emma everywhere. It was precious.

We did make it home in time for her to take a nap, but she was still sleeping by the time Matt got home from work! I totally didn't feel like cooking at that point, and we remembered we had a gift card for the same mall that Avery and I had just gone to, so we went back to the mall with Matt and enjoyed a completely relaxed evening complete with take-out hot dogs from a cool little place and Paciugo gelato. Avery even ventured closer to the fountains with Daddy's help.


    We had an entire Saturday with no plans. That rarely happens, especially on a gorgeous day! After Avery and I made a quick run to Walmart (the one in our town is the only one I'll go to; it's super nice), we spent the majority of our day outside while Matt worked on assembling Avery's fort (which he quickly discovered is not a one-man job). We did take a break to walk down to the model home in our neighborhood since they were giving away free bbq sandwiches, chips, and sodas as part of their grand opening. Yum! And after Avery's nap we attempted some water fun in the backyard, although the munchkin wouldn't even get in the water (not the I blame her; the water was freezing!). So she played with bubbles and her sand/water table instead. :)


      About once a month we have a Sunday that is pretty much a whirlwind. This was that Sunday. We had church from 9-12, I held a children's ministry teacher training/lunch meeting from 12-2 (since Matt teaches Sunday School, Avery went to my parents' to eat lunch and take a nap), I went to choir practice from 3-4 while Matt stayed at my parents' until Avery woke up, I ran home to feed Nutmeg before going back to my parents' to meet Matt and Avery and eat our leftover pizza, and then we all went back to church for the prayer gathering. We finally got to go home at 7:30, just in time to get Avery down for bed. Whew. 

      And now it's Monday, a cold front has blown through, and we have a million errands to run today. But all Avery wants to do is go outside and "play in the water, too!", and I just want a nap. Have a great week!


        Kati said...

        She is stinkin adorable. And you are such a pretty preggo!

        I loooove paciugo gelato. I just wish there was one closer.

        joyceandnorm said...

        So much fun!