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Monday, April 11, 2011

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 33 weeks! Only 7(ish) more to go!
Size of baby: 17 inches long and a little over 4 pounds
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 21 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I'm in mostly maternity clothes because I don't want to stretch out my "real" clothes, but I still wear some regular tops.
Gender: We're having a boy! Landon Matthew. :)
Movement: This baby is very active. All the time.
Sleep: What's that? I don't sleep very well these days, even with a body pillow. However, I somehow managed to sleep through a major storm last night (tornado sirens included), so I guess my few hours of sleep were quality, haha.
What I miss: Being skinny :) Okay, so that's a little vain. Sorry. Yesterday at church I bumped into no fewer than four different people because I no longer realize the size of my belly. I also miss being able to bend over like a normal person. Everyday activities are getting a little awkward. Hey, I can still see my toes though.
Cravings: Pretty much anything sweet. I'm making these tonight. Just try to stop me. 
Symptoms: I have to pee like all the time. TMI, but annoyingly true. And I'm pretty sure I'm starting to waddle. I feel like a whale these days. Please tell me I don't have 7 whole weeks left...
Best Moment this week: Finding out some exciting secret news last night. :)

Avery is having some major almost-two moments these days. She will just be the sweetest thing one minute, but then she'll go all Hyde on us and throw a full-fledged, screaming, hitting tantrum. Unfortunately, these are not restricted to when we're at home; I've started getting nervous anytime we have to go anywhere in public with her (church, the store, wherever). She's also going through a picky phase with her food, when she's always been a great eater. And bedtime? It has become a nightmare. I ended up just leaving her room in tears tonight and she eventually fell asleep.

I know these things are all normal at this age, but it's making me a little anxious for how she's going to adjust when she's not the center of attention at home. Who knows, maybe it'll be a good thing. And maybe her teeth are just bothering her. Sigh.

I've started feeling more pressure to get Landon's room finished (7 weeks really isn't that long!), and I'm just waiting for that whole nesting instinct to kick in. Right now I'm just trying to have enough energy to keep up with the normal housework. Maybe I'll have some progress to report next week. :)

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Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you can fast forward those annoying moments...both with pregnancy and toddlerhood?