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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five

I've neglected the blog this week, mainly because it's just been a rough few days. Nothing major, just some frustrations piled on top of crazy end-of-pregnancy hormones, so I just haven't really felt like writing much. There have been some noteworthy happenings around here this week though, so here's the Five!

1. Potty training is still going really well, except we've had a dramatic snafu at Mother's Day Out. Long story short, too many of the kids in A's class are being potty trained right now, and their classroom isn't equipped with a bathroom, so now they're telling us that the kids can't go potty at school anymore. Now I get that Avery is younger than the typical potty training age, but she actually gets it and tells us (and her teachers) when she needs to go to the bathroom and she goes (I don't think the other kids do though). So now I'm worried about what it'll do to her progress if we tell her that she has to pee in a Pull Up at school. Sigh. Anyway, one of her teachers has been super supportive, and I know it's not the end of the world or anything, but it is frustrating since A has picked up the whole potty thing pretty quickly and now we could backtrack. I guess we'll see what happens this week.

2. We got to go to the Ranger game on Tuesday night with our sweet neighbors! They were great seats (and great parking, which I appreciate even more these days!), and Avery did great again. She loves cheering on her Rangers, and she talked about the game the whole day before we went and the whole day afterward. I might be sensing a party theme for her 2nd birthday...

The Rangers lost got killed, but we had a good time anyway. Thanks again for the invite, Brooke and Dave!

3. While she's been in her "big bed" for a couple of months now, Avery just figured out this week that she can test Mommy and Daddy by getting out of it after we put her down for naps or bedtime. Consistent discipline has helped really quickly to keep her in bed, but she's also started waking up super early in the morning and coming into our room. I guess we were spoiled that before she would just stay in her bed, but I need my sleep!  Or maybe God is just using her to get us ready for the interrupted sleep that awaits us in just a few short weeks, haha! Hopefully it's just a short phase while she gets used to waking up when she needs to use the bathroom or something. We'll work on it. :) And these next pictures have nothing to do with her getting out of bed, but they're really cute and since I didn't post them earlier this week, I'm posting them now.

4. My sister, Allison, got home yesterday!! She's been studying abroad in Costa Rica since January, so we're so glad she's finally home again! (And just in time to take maternity pictures before Landon is born, lol.) Avery and I went with my parents and Allison's boyfriend, Isaac, to the airport yesterday, and then Matt met us at Red Robin for dinner on our way home.

Welcome home, Allison!

5. Matt has to work a ton this weekend (concerts tonight and tomorrow night as well as a competition he's working at in the morning), so Avery and I are on our own for most of the next couple of days. And on Sunday some sweet friends are throwing us a baby shower for Landon! (Speaking of that, I need to finish my hostess gifts! Eek-- I'm running out of time!)

Have a great weekend!


Candace Fuchs said...

Yay! Thanks for posting! I really needed a distraction from working this morning. ;) What is that Avery is riding on? I've been wanting to get Jake something to ride on outside since all he ever says when he is home now is, "ouside."

Melissa said...

Ah horomones. I am getting to know those well. I swear, I thought people exaggerated about these, but they are very real. I have been able to keep them in check for the most part, but this morning. Poor Adam. He was late and he was running out the door. I started to cry. How pitiful is that?!?!?!?!

joyceandnorm said...

Bummer...just lost my whole comment. =\

Well, hope you have a happy baby shower!