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Monday, April 18, 2011

34 Weeks

Yep, this picture is pretty indicative of how I feel today. Bleh. But don't worry, I speak whale.
Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 34 weeks! Only 6(ish) more to go!

Size of baby: About 18 inches long and 4.75 pounds
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 24 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I'm in mostly maternity clothes because I don't want to stretch out my "real" clothes, but I still wear a few regular tops.
Gender: We're having a boy! Landon Matthew. :)
Movement: This baby is very active. All the time.
Sleep: I decided to try sleeping without the body pillow, and that was the best decision ever. I've been sleeping SO much better now!
What I miss: Feeling normal. :) Everyday tasks are getting more difficult (argh, I hate having to bend down to pick up stuff. I'm glad Avery likes to help clean her toys!). I just feel awkward. 
Cravings: I've had a major sweet tooth this pregnancy, but today for lunch all I wanted to eat was a turkey sandwich. So I did and it was yummy. Oh, and last night all I wanted for dinner was a salad. What's up with me? I think my stomach is running out of room. I have been craving Rice Krispies Treats since I made them for a kids activity at church, but we have no marshmallows. Or Rice Krispies. :( Bummer.
Symptoms: The constant need to pee, trouble falling asleep, this huge belly, and other stuff that you probably don't want to know about.
Best Moment this week: Finding out that Landon's already head-down (which was a huge relief since Avery was breach until the very last minute). I took Avery with me to my appointment on Tuesday, and she was an angel. We've had a really good week (since my last post), so I'm very thankful for that after the last few weeks of terror. 
I still haven't finished Landon's room yet. Sigh. It'll get done. We did get a couple more boxes out of the attic the other night, so maybe I can get some baby stuff organized soon. Maybe. 


Kati said...

He's going to be here soon!! You're doing great :) I do remember the whole not being able to bend over at the end...slip on shoes are the best!

Brooklynn said...

You're looking good lady! Hang in there! :)

Anonymous said...

You're almost there!!