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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

1. Avery has been in rare form today. I take most of the blame since we kept her out until 10 last night while Matt helped me work at the church, but the whining has got to stop. Ah! I can't tell you how many times I repeat the following phrase in a day: "I do not hear whining, so if you'd like some help, you'll need to use words." I'm not sure how much of that sentence she actually comprehends, but it usually works.

2. So I had originally intended on just staying home today, but then I remembered a kazillion errands that we needed to run. We ended up heading into town to return some books and DVDs to the library, and since we were running so late, Matt was on his lunch break, so he came and hung out with us for a little bit (the public library is at the high school where he teaches). Then we had to go to Walmart to pick up Avery's new Elmo Potty DVD I ordered online (with a $10 credit, so it was essentially free-- score!), and since it was imperative to our bank account that I deposit a check today, we had to drive another 15 minutes to the bank. Poor girl was exhausted and starving by that point, so we drove through McD's so I could get her a hamburger and some french fries, and (no lie) she fell asleep in the middle of eating. I think she finished her (half) hamburger, but she was out. She is currently fast asleep in her super-dark room, and I'm just praying she takes a ridiculously long nap so I can shower, tackle some of my to-do list, and maybe nap myself. Maybe.

3. Okay, Operation Potty begins Monday. We're going hard core. I want Avery fully potty trained by May. Eek, I might be setting myself up for disappointment, but I have to give myself a goal, right? Anyway, any helpful tips you might have are greatly welcomed!

4. I'm so tired of hearing about the potential government shutdown. First of all, I'd rather the government get out of my life for the most part, so that side of me doesn't mind them just going away for a little bit. However, this not paying the military business and all the bickering that's going on for the purposes of political gain is just ridiculous. So get it together, people! Continue to pay the people who are putting their lives on the line for us, and come to an agreement that will get your outrageous spending under control. I'd rather my kids not have to pay for all of your stupid decisions.

5. Our last two weekends have been so chill. This weekend? Not so much. Tonight we have Dinner and a Movie night for the kiddos at church, so I've been trying to get ready for that all week. We'll probably head up there after Avery wakes up, and then we'll be there until 9ish (or whenever we finish cleaning up). Avery's spending the night at my parents' because my mom is keeping her on Saturday morning while I go to a VBS training event and Matt helps at the church workday. Saturday night we should actually be home, but Sunday is Missions Sunday at church, so there's a potluck after the service, and then after choir practice we're heading to Denton to hear my brother sing in a concert. I'm crossing my fingers that Avery will sit through the concert; she's a pro at the Ranger games, but I'm just not so sure how she'll do at a classical choral event. :)

I'm off to start that to-do list while Sleeping Beauty is still out. Hope you have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. I can't stand whining. No idea how I was a PreK teacher...
2. I want some fries.
3. Good luck! I have no tips for ya. We tried training of sorts, but Melody got it on her own time. I heard that a diaper-free weekend has worked for many people.
4. I am at a loss for words at our situation. =\
5. We enjoy a relaxing day last Saturday, but we're back to more birthday parties and such this week and beyond. Not complaining since I enjoy our times with friends and family, but it is nice to not have to do anything one day.

Hope you are getting stuff checked off on your list.