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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five

1. Aunt Carrie came up to meet Landon! She brought her new fiance, Bubba, his daughter, Ava, and NeNe, so we had a great time hanging out. We feasted at Bamboo Palace, watched the girls play at the fountains, and scarfed down some Oreo treats.  Ava and Avery (confusing?) had a blast playing together; I'm excited for Avery to have a cousin close to her age! We don't get to see Carrie all that often, so we were thankful to spend some time with her!

2. I enjoyed my first snow cone of the season today! I've been whining that our town doesn't have a snow cone stand, so since I had a couple hours by myself and needed to do some work at church, I decided to check out the stand between our house and the church. 1) It had a drive-thru. Score. 2) My wedding cake with cream snow cone was delicious. I'll definitely be back (especially since we can satisfy snow cone cravings without getting the baby out in the heat)!

3. I've got nothing for number 3. I have a lot I need to be doing instead of writing this blog, but I've been so stinking consistent this week that I hated to let it go today.

4. My parents were supposed to come home from Europe today. They've been gone for over two weeks, but their flight from NYC got cancelled, so now they're on a super early flight to try to get back in time for...

5. ...Avery's birthday party tomorrow! We're doing a very small family party at our house and then going to Avery's favorite place, The Ballpark in Arlington. Yes, we're having a Rangers themed birthday party for our little girl. What can I say, she loves her Rangers. I'll post a party update later!

1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

1. Yay for cousins close in age! All my cousins are older than me (the oldest on my dad's side is my mom's age!), but my nephew is right between my two girls, so that's fun.
2. I can't even remember the last time I had a snow cone.
3. =p
4. Yikes!
5. Have fun!