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Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Like a 2 Year Old!

Okay, I promise this is my last birthday post for Avery's 2nd (next year is another story!), but I had to post pictures from her birthday party!

(Oh, and she had her two-year-old check up last week, so for the baby book, here are her stats: 28 lbs [70%], 35.5 in. [95%], and head circumference 19.5" [90%])

We had a small family party this year (we'll start doing friend parties for her 3rd), and we were joined by NeNe, Pop Pop, Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Nick, Brittany, and Amy. 

hot dogs and watermelon for dinner

homemade birthday cake balls (my husband is amazing)

ready to open presents!

opening her new dollhouse from NeNe and Pop Pop

Amy hooked her up with Fancy Nancy and all the fancy essentials

homemade play dough (in gorgeous colors!) from Uncle Nick and Brittany
 (Grandma and Grandaddy got Avery an awesome new kitchen but couldn't put it together because of their flight delay. I'll post pics of it later.)

blowing out the candles

teehee. (princess blanket from Nick and Brittany)

our little birthday girl

flashback! 1st birthday

Amy, Avery, and Grandma

Check out those shades!

so glad they made it back from Europe in time :)

We're trying to turn NeNe and Pop Pop into Rangers fans. :)

I love it when we get a family shot!

Go Rangers!

Licking an ice pack. Don't judge; it was hot.

I couldn't resist posting this. Ooh that face just gets me!!

Avery was fascinated by the visiting bullpen. Her eyes were totally glued to the ball.

One of the pitchers threw the ball up to the boy behind us, and he gave it to Avery. Oh, it was so sweet I totally teared up. His dad was so proud. It was a special moment. :)
The girl was wiped out from her birthday week, but I think it's safe to say she had a great time. :) So here's a final happy birthday to our new two-year-old. We love you, Avery!!

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