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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Ultimate Hospital Packing List

Okay, okay, so maybe "ultimate" is a little extreme, but I think this list comes pretty dang close to perfect. And it was requested, so here you have it.

I had a really hard time coming up with my packing list. How much do I need to bring? How early do I need to pack? Most the lists I found on random blogs and pregnancy sites were crazy. No, I will not take my own hospital gown. Waste. of. money.

Anyway, my point is that you don't really need to take that much stuff. Nor do you need to pack that early. You probably won't be at the hospital longer than two nights, and if you pack too early you'll just end up staring at that bag and getting all depressed that you haven't gone into labor yet. Or maybe that was just me.

{Bring This Stuff}

- Laptop (Yay for wifi at the hospital! Plus this came in handy for entertaining ourselves with The Big Bang Theory while I was in labor.)
- Camera
- Video camera
- iPod
- Cell phone
- Chargers
- Purse (with ID and insurance card)
- Glasses and contact case/solution (Unless you have perfect vision, in which case I envy you. A lot.)
- Shampoo/conditioner (The hospital stuff just doesn't cut it.)
- Body wash (Same as above)
- Toothbrush/toothpaste (Oh my gosh, the best feeling in the world was being able to finally brush my teeth after being in labor forever.)
- Hairbrush
- Makeup (Hello...visitors and pictures?!? Don't tell me that you don't care what you look like.)
- Chapstick
- Deodorant (After the mess of childbirth, you at least don't want to smell like b.o.)
- Ponytail holders
- Hair dryer (I'm so glad I took mine because the hospital didn't have one in the room.)
- Flip flops (Hospital floors...need I say more?)
- Snacks (Or better yet, just eat the ones that people bring you. Thanks, Mom!)
- Pajamas (You will get tired of that hospital gown. I learned my lesson with Avery. Just bring PJs that you don't mind getting, uh, dirty.)
- Nursing bras/tanks (Do NOT forget these if you're nursing!)
- Lounge clothes
- Boppy (This is SO helpful, especially when you're just starting breastfeeding.)
- Going home outfit (It doesn't have to be maternity like the books say, but keep in mind that you won't fit into your 6s right away. And if you do, I hate you.)
- Going home outfit/blanket for baby (We didn't do anything fancy, just cute onesies and matching socks/blankets.)
- Onesies/socks for baby at hospital (I didn't bring this for Avery, and I still regret not having cute outfits for all the pictures we took of her at the hospital.)
- Carseat (Install it before you leave the house.)
- Gift for sibling "from" baby (We kept it pretty simple. We gave Avery a drawing pad and some Tinkerbell art supplies.)

{Don't Bring This Stuff}

- Pillow (Save your packing space. Maybe bring your own pillowcase. It's not like you can really sleep with all the nurses bothering you checking on you every couple of hours.)
- Socks (I'm a flip flop girl though.)
- Books (I did read one chapter in a Kindle book, but there just wasn't much quiet reading time.)
- Breast pads/nipple cream (Your milk hasn't come in enough to need the pads at the hospital, and they can give you nipple cream samples if you need it.)
- Diaper bag (My hospital gives you a huge diaper bag [with an awesome fleece blanket inside!], so that was plenty big enough to take home all of those supplies that you're paying out the butt for and definitely need to take with you.)
- Extra underwear (Yeah, don't bother. Embrace the mesh panties; they are a blessing from God.)

Whew! I think that about covers it. And don't forget that (unless you live like an hour from your hospital) you can always send your mama or your man home to pick up anything you might need. It's the least they can do after you spend 11 hours in labor and push out a 10+ pound baby ;)

Happy packing!

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