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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five

1. Well I took a little bit of an unplanned blog break this week. Things were just crazy since Matt's been subbing for summer school this week, so I didn't have much down time. I'm thinking that might be an indication of how often I'll be blogging when school starts in a few weeks. But seeing as how actually creating memories with my family is more important than recording said memories in the blogosphere, I won't stress out about it but will keep updating when I have the time. Just in case you were wondering.

2. One of the things I've been meaning to post this week is the recap of last weekend when Candie, Ricky, and Jacob came to visit! We had a blast with them, and we're already looking forward to meeting up with them and Tiff, Ross, and Macyn for Labor Day!

Nutmeg tortured Somer pretty much the entire time.
Ricky with Landon (right before Landon projectile vomited all. over. me.)
Ricky and Jacob up to no good
Landon took an awesome nap in the shade while we all swam
And this girl took a nap in the pool. Seriously. we moved her to the shade.

Love her!

Our little families after eating feasting at Babe's

Candie with Landon

They're gonna be best buds. Someday. :)
 3. I have a ton of projects that I'm "working" on (you know, if "working" means that they're on my To Do list and I keep thinking about them). One of them was creating a filing system for our everyday papers that seem to clutter our kitchen counters no matter how hard I try to keep them from piling up. When this post came across my Google Reader, I decided to take action. Here's the final result:

Excuse the seriously old pictures in the frames (I need to update all the frames in our house, come to think of it. Add it to the project list...) and the poor picture quality, but I'm so excited about how this seems to be working already! I couldn't find a good file holder that I liked, so I repurposed this mail holder that I got from Pottery Barn on clearance a very long time ago. I have ten folders in which to sort all the papers that enter our house: To File (in our main filing cabinet), Pay (bills), Pending (anything that needs action), Receipts, Coupons (before I organize them in my coupon notebook), Mailing Supplies (stamps and return address labels), Matt, Heather, Avery (all the art and worksheets that come home from MDO and church), and Landon. I highly recommend this system!

4. My living room is kinda blah. I mean, it's cozy and stuff, but it needs more color. I just don't want to totally redo it all, so we're just giving it a makeover (as decided in the wee hours of the morning while I was waiting for Matt to come home from hanging out with my brother)! It's already red and chocolate brown (with a fair share of neutrals thrown in there), so we're adding turquoise. LOVE. I'll start off by replacing the curtains and making some pillows since I'm crafty like that now. :) And then I'll just keep my eyes open for little turquoise accents to add in there as money allows. I'm excited to change up the decor a little. Here's my inspiration (thank you, Pinterest!):

5. I'll be taking another blog break this next week (although I might schedule a few to post while I'm gone if I can get around to writing them) because it's the week I look forward to ALL YEAR LONG: campmeeting! It's SO hard to explain this place to people, but I wrote a pretty thorough post about it last year (complete with pictures!), so you can check that out here if you're interested. Anyway, tonight we're going to hang out with my cousins who are in town with their two kids, but the rest of our weekend will be spent getting ready to leave on Monday morning (yes, it will take three days to pack and prepare). I wish we were there already because I'm definitely dreading the 8 (more like 10-12) hour drive with an infant and a toddler. Good thing we have the Swagger Wagon this year. :)

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Word. If we don't create memories, there will be no memories to blog about. Create memories > blogging
2. Lucky Ricky didn't get projectile vomit all over him. Bleck. Not a great introduction. Anything > projectile vomit

The nap pics are priceless!

3. Yay for repurposing!
4. "My living room is kinda blah." Ditto!
5. 10-12 hours ride with toddler and infant > projectile vomiting

or..... the other way around? =p

Have a great weekend. And oh, in case you didn't subscribe to the comment reply or go back to visit...yes, we are trying out homeschooling, and no, I don't think I mentioned much about it earlier. I will probably blog about it soon, but we'll see....