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Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Years Already?

So the actual event was almost two weeks ago, but thanks to my impromptu blog break, I'm just now getting around to blogging it.

I know everybody says this, but I seriously cannot believe it's been ten years since I graduated high school.

I had a good high school experience, but I definitely think life got a lot better post-2001. (College, anyone?) That said, it was still a lot of fun to get together with everybody for an evening of catching up.

We graduated with 32(ish) in our class at a small Christian school, so everybody knew each other. I really liked the majority of people in our graduating class back then, and it was fun to see how everybody has grown up into likeable, accomplished adults.

The reunion was at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Dallas, and our valedictorian, Andy, did a fantastic job putting it all together! We had 19 classmates show up (that's a pretty good percentage if you ask me!) for a night of reminiscing. Oh, and there might have been some embarrassing pictures on a slide show. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't peak in high school, haha.

These are some of my favorite ladies! (L-R: Kari, me, Rachel, Kati, and Carissa)

Sarah and I were venting buddies our senior year. :) She now has the coolest job ever, working for Congressman Jeb Hensarling in Washington D.C. I'll have to vicariously live my high school dream of working as a politician through her.

Aw, Betsy. We go way back. Like WAAAYYY back. Our moms always talk about how they would sit together in the nursing room at church when we were babies. I love that we've stayed friends for our whole lives.

And this guy makes me so happy that my "real" life didn't begin until after high school. I love him SO much! (Thanks for spending an evening hanging out with a bunch of people you don't really know, Matty!)
I'm so glad we were able to all get together. See you guys again in 2021!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! How nice to have a small class.

Jamie Butts said...

Hi! That looks like it was fun! I enjoyed all of the pictures Andy sent, and the ones on your blog. Everyone looks great! That was kind of Matt to endure a night with strangers too. I thought about that during the pictures. I saw Jason Frazier texting a few times, and I thought, sheesh, he must be a bit bored with all of us crazies. I liked our small class. Wish I could have seen you! And, I'm sorry I STILL haven't called you like I said I would. Life has been moving so quickly lately... it's nutty! I hope to connect again soon - for now, I'm enjoying your blog as always!