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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for a Bloggy Break

I've been noticeably (or maybe not) absent from the blogosphere these past two weeks, and the reason is...

...I'm tired.

I can hardly keep up with anything these days. I was sick for a good week, so that contributed to my writing funk. I'm also just really enjoying time with my family (and my sewing machine, haha), but since the whole point of my little bloggy is to keep a record for future reference, I'm back this week for some serious updating! Get ready for an influx of posts in the very near future.

We had our family photo shoot yesterday morning, and after we finished that, we went home to pack and head out for Thanksgiving with Matt's side of the family. Our normally four hour drive was a treacherous six hours long. Seriously, there were three different times that I had to slam on the brakes because traffic just randomly stopped on I-45. We even saw a wreck happen right in front of us. Thankfully I don't tailgate, our brakes work well, and no one was hurt in the minor accident. I'm just as grateful that Landon and Avery were angels in the car. Landon slept most of the way, and Avery was just singing and talking up a storm when she wasn't napping.

Our poor little girl is running a fever for the second (third?) day in a row though, so I'm starting to get concerned. She's being a trooper for the most part, but I hate to see her hurting. Matt's feeling pretty crummy too, but nothing can ruin Thanksgiving!!

I love this holiday. :)

Okay, I'm off to help in the kitchen and continue my internal debate regarding whether or not it'll be worth it to brave the crowds/insanity of Black Friday tomorrow tonight.

Our family has so much to be thankful for this year (and always); I hope you do, too.


1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

Sickies over here too! Every other FB status update from friends have to do with them being sick or a sick kid. =\ Glad you guys survived the trip.