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Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five

1. Bleh. I am sick. It's really just a cold, but I've come to accept the fact that I'm just a big fat baby when I don't feel good. (Actually, it's headaches that really do me in; I can still function if it's anything else.) Fortunately though...

2. ...I accepted my awesome mother-in-law's offer to come in town to help out with the kids during this crazy soccer week. So I got to sleep in this morning, and my kids got the attention they needed while I wallowed in self-pity. And my kitchen has even stayed clean. Y'all, she rocks. And on top of everything else, we got to go to Fuzzy's for dinner tonight. I'd say that's a win on all counts.

3. I think I'm going to cut my hair off. Like short. Landon's killing me with all of his hair-pulling ways, and it's probably just time for a change.

4. Speaking of Landon, he and his crazy sister are cracking me up these days! Avery's such a little copycat, and Landon just "talks" our ears off. Avery gets the biggest kick out of trying to make him laugh, and it's especially funny to hear her say things to him that she's heard us say (like, "Good morning, precious boy!" and "You alright, buddy?"). Oh, I just love those little boogers.

5. I'm going to my 10 year high school reunion tomorrow! I have nothing to wear. I'm not just being dramatic. I really can't find the box of clothes that I had from last fall/winter. Where are my long-sleeved shirts?!? Anyway, I'm excited about seeing everybody.

Okay, I'm off to eat a bunch of ice cream take care of my sore throat. Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

1. It's going around. =( Feel better soon.
2. Thank goodness for in-laws (most of the time... =p hehe)
3. That would be different, huh? I can't wait for my hair to grow longer again. I have to warn you that shorter hair is more work (in my opinion anyway).
4. Cute
5. Have fun! Hope you find something to wear.

Kati said...

I meant to ask you what you wanted to do to your hair! It's gotten so long and very pretty :)

I understand wanting change though...have fun with it!

Brooklynn said...

Cut your hair, why not?!

Hope you're feeling better!!!!