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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Shouldn't Blog When I'm This Tired

I don't really have time to blog right now.

I need to do my Bible study before tomorrow (procrastination anyone?).

My neck hates me (I wasn't able to move it at all for two days, and I'm just now able to turn it left and right. Up and down are out of the question.).

My eyes decided that they hate contacts.

I'm getting some sort of sickness in the throat.


Anyway, I decided I needed some sort of filler post to explain where the heck we've been.

Ummmm, last weekend was good. Went to a baby shower for a good friend. My sister in law came over and painted Landon's wall verse. Yesterday we celebrated my little brother's 24th (!!!) birthday.

Today I took a baby to our away game in McKinney. Whose brilliant idea was it to coach with two young children?!? Oh yeah. Well, at least now I can say that I've changed a dirty diaper while coaching a soccer game. And nursed in a bus. Good times. We didn't lose though, so we're making progress! (We're 0-1-1 now.) And "Miss Resa" (according to Avery; Teresa to everyone else) even brought me a plate of cupcakes when she came over to watch Avery this afternoon. I'm a sucker for sweets.

My awesome mother in law is coming up on Wednesday night and staying until Saturday. I'm really excited. :)

I'm kind of in a church funk. No need to go into details using this medium. Leadership is really hard. Being paid to do ministry is something I'm still not used to.

We're going to my TEN year high school reunion this Saturday. What the heck? Didn't I just graduate? In all honesty, I seriously feel like I stopped aging at 23.

Oh, but tonight Landon and I came home to a VERY clean house. We have the best daddy/husband and sister/daughter in the entire world. Y'all, they even cleaned ceiling fans. They rock.

Oooh, and next week I have a soccer break. I'm looking forward to having a week of "normalcy," plus one of my old college roommates just moved to Ft. Worth and is coming over one night, and I'm going to visit my cousin Amy and get bunches of craft supplies for Avery.

Speaking of Amy's (I know that shouldn't have an apostrophe, but it looked weird when I wrote out "Amys," and "Amies" is just wrong.), my friend Amy is moving up to DFW from the Austin area! Yay! We've actually only hung out for real one time when we met during my brother's wedding (we were both bridesmaids), and our daughters are only like a day apart. Maybe we can be real friends instead of just online ones now, haha.

And speaking of grammar (was I speaking of grammar?), I'm really tired of people misusing the word "lead" when they mean to say "led." "Lead" is either the center of your pencil or used as a present tense verb. "Led" is the past tense of said verb. GET IT STRAIGHT, PEOPLE.

Okay, okay, in the grand scheme of life and the world, proper word usage is not that big of a deal. Nor are my minor complaints about how hard my life is. It's really not that hard compared to people with "real" problems. So thanks for listening to me whine, blog world. You gave Matt a short break from it.

I really should go to bed now.


April @ said...

I'm tired too, so I leave just two things:

1. I could write novels about ministry and difficulty. It's ridiculous. I feel you. I'm always here to talk.

2. Led/lead is a tricky one because I want to do the same with read/read. I want to write that I "red" something. It's unfair that I can't do that. :)

joyceandnorm said...

I'm tired too. Heading to bed. Hope you get some rest and feel better soon.

dms photos said...

I'm so thankful for your honesty, Heather.....I love reading your stuff because I can hear you saying all of it!