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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Keepin' it real. (Organizing Challenge)

Our study is the current organizational thorn in my side. I feel like there's always one room in our house that becomes the catch-all, and since we hardly even use our study these days, it's the designated throw-everything-in-and-close-the-door space.

Well, quite honestly our master bedroom has become that also, but 1) I'm working on it, and 2) I'm too embarrassed to share that with the world. I digress.

I was so excited to discover that OrgJunkie was bringing back her organizing challenge! I started off strong with her weekly challenge last year, but I gave up a couple months in. I'm hoping that the shorter time frame will help keep me on track this month. I need some accountability!

Plus, I'm a little really competitive, and there are PRIZES involved. Okay, I'm in.

And maybe I should say, I'm in for it. Sheesh, check out this mess!

Oh goodness, this is embarrassing. Outgrown baby toys, rarely used exercise ball, empty boxes...

I'm not a huge fan of these heavy curtains, but this room is at the front of our house and has a huge window, which makes for a heating and cooling nightmare. I'm up for suggestions as to an alternative for the black mess of fabric. That box of blankets used to be in the living room. And hi, Mr. Giraffe!

Oy. I don't even want to think about how much dust has collected around this nightmare. Like my stack of t-shirts? I'm in the middle of making a t-shirt quilt and have gotten a little, um, sidetracked. And while I love that shelf on the wall, I do not love the tacky souvenirs sitting atop it. Except the Dracula mask. That can stay.

Sigh. Just sigh. This was supposed to be Avery's art area, but it is already out of control. I need labeled containers, a better fitting work table, and less white space between the table and bulletin board. That bulletin board could use a little organization while I'm at it.

I obviously have a lot of work to do, so I'm off to sketch out a plan of attack. We need to really decide what we want out of this space. Work room? Play room? Guest room (haha)? All of the above?

Check back on Fridays this month when I give updates, and really check back on the 29th to see a totally transformed (and hopefully functional) study!


Joyce said...

I saw those prizes in the post this mornings. Very tempting.... Have fun with the challenge!

joan said...

Good luck, struggling to come up with ideas that allows the room to be used for more than one function.

looking forward to seeing the end results

SAHMmy Says said...

Thanks for sharing your Before - I have a multi use office as well so I look forward to your updates.