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Friday, September 28, 2012

Week in the Life: Friday

7:45  Matt woke me up because I was still passed out after last night's stupid coffee decision. I don't even remember when I went to bed, but I do remember that Avery woke me up super early, which means that I took her back to her bed and apparently fell asleep in it also. That thing is not comfortable. It's a wonder the girl can sleep at all.

8:45  We made it out of the house on time again! So what if we had to eat breakfast in the car? Landon woke up at 8:30 this morning, so we barely had enough time to get everybody dressed and ready for the day.

9:00  Somehow Fridays become crazy errand days. Avery has gymnastics from 9-10, and then we went to the bank (yay pay day!), Dollar Tree (packing supplies and a knight costume for next year's VBS), the post office (yay Etsy sales!), Hope Mansion (dropping off some donations from our preschoolers), and Costco.

We were missing Lily today! Avery's the youngest in the preschool class. She actually did really well today! She did a handstand (and got her head up!!) and a "cartwheel" without the assistance of a mat.

I know this picture is super blurry, but they got to do the "Peter Pan" during free time after class, and Avery wasn't scared this time. Progress. :)

12:30  I got lunch on the table (leftovers from this week's dinners) in record time, and both kids were down for naps by 1:30.

1:30  Quiet bliss. I paid ALL of our bills and balanced our budget. I even had time leftover to catch up on my Google Reader.

3:30  Naptime over. We played outside for a LONG time. The weather's becoming halfway bearable.

4:45  Matt got home and we tag-teamed in the kitchen. I requested his famous breakfast taquitos (that aren't really famous but totally should be) for dinner, so he cooked while I took care of dishes and general clean up.

6:30  We ate super late (for us), so afterward we wore the kids out chasing them around the house. They were in super silly moods, which was a nice reprieve from the pre-dinner grouchiness.

7:30  Let the bedtime routine begin... PJs, teeth brushing, cups of milk, books, rocking for Landon and snuggling for Avery.

8:15  I baked up a storm in the kitchen tonight, and our a/c officially hates us. Good thing a cool front is blowing through! Kitchen windows open...check.

Matt has to work all day tomorrow (BOOOOOO), so I need to figure out something fun to do with the kids. Am I crazy to be contemplating the zoo on a Saturday?

I am determined to be in bed before midnight tonight, and I am NOT drinking coffee this time.

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