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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week in the Life: Wednesday

Happy hump day! I actually hate the term hump day. But I wrote it anyway, so I must not hate it that much. Gosh, I'm a rambler!

7:10  Matt didn't get home from helping my brother set up the refrigerator in his new house until 2:20 AM. I was fast asleep by then, but he still managed to wake up before I did! His job's not quite as flexible as mine. :)

8:00  Avery was up by 7:15, but Landon has just been a sleepin' fool lately! I'm not complaining. I got both of them up and dressed and eating breakfast (cereal and bananas, go figure) by 8:30, and I even had time to empty the dishwasher and straighten the kitchen while they ate. (I have to have an empty dishwasher in the morning so I can load it throughout the day. Dirty dishes by the sink drive me crazy.)

9:00  Every other Wednesday we go to MOPS, but this was an off week, so I took Avery and Landon to my friend Kari's house (thanks again, Kari!) so I could help paint at Nick and Brittany's new house. They're trying to move in this weekend, and there's a whole house to paint! It was looking so awesome when I left though. I'm excited to see it all finished!

12:00  I picked up the kids at Kari's, and she let me go through her daughter's outgrown clothes for Avery. I love clothes-sharing with friends. :)

1:30  The kids went down for their naps, but not without a fight.

2:30  Landon woke up early. Again. Let the silent entertainment begin.

3:30  Avery woke up, so we made it outside to ride bikes. "Ride bikes" is a relative term because Avery only has the perseverance to pedal for about 30 seconds before she gives up and wants to play with bubbles. Landon just likes to ride the PowerWheels until he smashes into a wall. Or rolls into the street while I chase him. 

4:30  I've been pretty impatient with the kids this week, so I was completely relieved when Matt came home. It gave me a chance to shower and get the kids' stuff ready to go to Grandma and Grandaddy's because...

5:30  ...Matt and I got to go to the Ranger game just the two of us! That hasn't happened in probably over two years. It was fun but probably would've been even better had the Rangers not played miserably. We left in the 8th inning. Mostly because it was already 10:00 and we were tired, but also because we were down 8-3 and were on our 7th or 8th pitcher of the night. It was ugly.

11:30  I need to go to bed. Later.

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