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Monday, September 24, 2012

Week in the Life: Monday

Why yes, I do realize that this series will bore the vast majority of you. Shoot, even more realistically, I'm guessing that only the grandparents will find it even the slightest bit entertaining.

Nevertheless, since this blog serves as our family scrapbook, I want to be able to look back at this time in our lives with a 3 year old and a 1 year old and remember how things actually were, good and bad.

I can't take the kids to any store without at least one person who reminds me how quickly time flies while reminiscing about their own children, so I'm choosing to believe them.

7:40  Matt left for work while I was still in bed. That happens a lot more often than I'd like to admit. I'm a night owl for sure, but I'm working on becoming a little more disciplined. At least enough to wake up before my kids. Avery was already awake, so I got up and got dressed for the day while she watched cartoons.

8:00  Landon slept in today! When he woke up I got both kids dressed and ready for our morning errands.

8:15  Most mornings we eat cereal and bananas, and today was no exception. The kids are both super happy in the mornings, so the breakfast table is a fun place to be. I even had a chance to work on the Sunday crossword because I am a word nerd.

9:15  We finally got out the door! Our first stop was to pick up some fabric from my super awesome fabric connection. Let's just say that I should not buy fabric for a very long time. Unless business picks up like crazy, but I think it'll take a bit for me to run down my current stash. In my defense, some deals just can't be passed up.

9:45  I may be a glutton for punishment, but we usually go grocery stopping at three stores. Our first stop was Sprouts before hitting up Kroger and Costco. The kids were awesome while we shopped today, and that is just not always the case.

11:15  My heart sank as we returned to our car in the Costco parking lot because I realized about 30 minutes too late that my keys were inside it. I've only done that one other time in my life. Also at Costco. Awesome. After an embarrassed call to Matt, who was fortunately able to leave school to come rescue us, we tried to make the most of our predicament and ate lunch in the Costco food court. Nutritious.

12:00  Back in the car! Landon didn't even make it out of the parking lot before he fell asleep. We made a quick stop by Redbox to return Sunday's rental and made it home by 12:30.

12:50  I got the groceries put up and Avery down for her nap in record time. Naptime is the big sigh of relief before all hell breaks loose around 4:00, so I usually just sit as quietly as I can for 1.5-2 hours. Sometimes I sew, sometimes I blog, sometimes I read, sometimes I aimlessly peruse the interwebs via Pinterest.

1:15  But today I got to do none of those things because Landon woke up way too early. And the worst part about him waking early was trying to keep him quiet so he didn't wake up Avery. The last thing I wanted was two undernapped, cranky kids. So I straight up told him that he wasn't allowed to wake up yet and rocked him for 30 minutes until he went back to sleep. Nap #2 lasted all of 15 minutes, but I was able to get pictures of my new key fobs so I could get them listed.

2:15  I pulled the bad mom card and caged Landon up in the pack 'n play with some books while I finished my Etsy listings and a blog post. Fortunately the kid is in a major book stage, so he was totally entertained.

3:15  Avery woke up from a super long nap, thus releasing Landon from his prison so they could play together. We ate snacks, had car races down the slide, and just played around the house.

4:30  Matt got home from work (hallelujah!!), so I got to work on dinner (before he took over because he's awesome) and emptying the dishwasher. Landon helped!

5:30  We had to make up for our Costco lunch, so we doubled up on veggies with our spaghetti. The good news is that Landon's getting better using utensils! The bad news is that Landon is still working on using utensils!

6:30  Spaghetti dinner with a toddler meant that it was straight to the bathtub, then pajamas and teeth brushing.

6:45  Avery and Matt headed to the garage to start on her bike makeover. They're fixing up my childhood bike, and it's already looking awesome! I'll post the before and after pics when it's all finished.

7:00  Landon was down for the count early tonight, so I worked on laundry, made the kids' lunches for Mother's Day Out, and straightened the house up. You know, before it's demolished again tomorrow.

8:00 After story time, prayers, and snuggles, Avery was in bed at a decent hour. I'm typing this from the garage because I'm keeping Matt company while he gives Avery's Dora PowerWheels a Landon-friendly facelift. We're kind of on a spray paint kick. And I'm guessing that the rest of the evening will call for a much-needed cup of coffee and a shower.

Maybe I'll be in bed before midnight?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Wait, so you do dishes and pick up the house .... every night? And do you go to bed at midnight ... every night? How do you function?