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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update: Girls Night and Heritage Day

I'm being a bad mom and blogging while I have Landon occupied with books in his pack 'n play. That's right, I caged my child. In my defense, he barely napped and Avery's still sleeping. Anyway, I'm on borrowed time so this will be quick!


Matt came home from work and I jetted off for a girls' night with these two lovely ladies.

Chelsea (in the middle) is my sweet sister-in-law, and I'm so glad she and Aaron moved to our town! Amy (on the left) is one of Chelsea's friends, who I met when we were bridesmaids in Chelsea's wedding! We had both just had babies like two weeks before the wedding, so we bonded in all of our postpartum bliss, haha! 

Our evening consisted of Chuy's happy hour, browsing through Charming Charlie, White House Black Market, and the Container Store, and splurging on Pinkberry froyo. It was pretty close to perfect.


We hit up my hometown for Heritage Day, which is essentially just a bunch of vendors, a couple of bounce houses, and some local talent entertainment stage acts. We had fun on the playground though!

After we left we took the kids to my parents' house to put them down for naps there. Once they were asleep I went to church to prep for Sunday (since I'd spent my time during the week moving my office!), and Matt went with me to finish changing out the door knobs that got quit on halfway through the job on Thursday (long-ish story).

The kids were still asleep, so we hit up a couple of stores before picking them up. 

And Aaron, Chelsea, and Chelsea's mom, brother, and sister-in-law all came over for dinner! I really need to start taking more pictures.


Church, Whataburger, kid naps, sewing, Awana, and Redbox made up our Sunday. I also learned how to make coffee with our reusable K-cup, so I've been highly caffeinated over the past two days. Good times.

I'm starting my Week in the Life series this week, so I'll be back tonight with a riveting account of our day. And by "riveting" I mean "completely boring" but that's just life sometimes. Later!

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