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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday

{Today I'm continuing the series I began yesterday with this post. We'll see if I make it to Sunday because I feel like I'm just airing all sorts of laundry, dirty or not. It's kinda weird.}

6:45  I actually woke up before both kids! Okay, it was because I made Matt promise to wake me up at 6:45, against his better judgment (have I mentioned that I'm NOT a morning person?) And don't tell me that I should set an alarm. I just turn it off and go about the business of sleeping (very serious business indeed).

7:15  Avery woke up and helped me by getting dressed and eating breakfast while I prepped lunches/backpacks and got our stuff for the day loaded in the car.

8:10  I had to wake Landon up (what's up with his sleeping in lately?) and get his little booty dressed so we could make it out the door on time.

8:15  And we did! I got the kids to school by 8:30, swung by the post office, and made it to church by 9. I got so much done today (including creating this printable), but time seriously flies when I'm working sans kids.

1:40  I have to tell myself to leave at 1:30 so I can be driving by 1:45 to make it to pick up the kids on time. Mind games work wonders with me.

2:30  We got home and since Avery didn't stay on her napmat during rest time and Landon sucked his thumb from the time we left school until we got home, I made the executive decision to attempt naps for both. Avery just had to read in bed for an hour (usually she falls asleep 30 minutes in, but not today), and Landon slept off and on for that same hour. And while they were fighting sleep, I was fighting AT&T because they are stupid.

3:45  Time to win back some mom points that I lost yesterday. We made play sand with flour and vegetable oil, and the kids got to play with it in a big bowl. Avery loved manipulating it with cars and play doh cutters. Landon loved grabbing the mixture and throwing it on the kitchen floor. That was fun to clean up. This is why I don't do fun things. Maybe I just need more practice, haha.

4:45  Matt came home and got the kids all wound up. I started to get food out to cook dinner and decided that nothing sounded good and I didn't want to even bother.

5:30  So we went to Red Robin instead. And it was $1 kids night, so score. Since we were already out, we went to a gazillion stores looking for new handlebar grips for Avery's bike project. To no avail.

Apples and mac n cheese? She's my little weirdo. :)

8:30  We got home and put an already sleeping Landon in bed while Avery proceeded to throw a major bedtime tantrum. That tends to happen when she falls asleep in the car and we try to put her straight in her bed. You'd think we'd learn. We finally got her to sleep on a happy note, so yay.

And now it's 9:45 and our Netflix movie just got interrupted for Matt to go help Nick move a refrigerator, so it's a Bridezillas night for me. :)

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