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Friday, May 31, 2013

Landon is 2!

Apparently time doesn't stand still because our baby boy turns TWO today! I can't even begin to tell you how much joy he brings to our family. He has added such a fun (and wild!) dynamic, and we can't imagine life without him! 

All photos courtesy of Allison Jean Photography. She does an amazing job of capturing kids' personalities in every photo shoot. I seriously don't know how she does it, but she gets gorgeous shots every time. Thanks for a fun morning, Allison!

Landon is 30 lbs. now and wears a size 5 diaper, a size 7 (almost 8) shoe, and size 2T in clothes.

He got his "big boy bed" a couple weeks ago and is sleeping wonderfully in it. The transition has seriously been a breeze.

He loves his dog "Beggie" (Nutmeg, aka Meggie), but he especially loves to boss her around. I think it's probably because he gets bossed around so much by Avery that he enjoys having something he can try to control!

Landon is a singing fool! He loves Twinkle Twinkle, the ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, this year's VBS CD, and the Newsies Broadway soundtrack (I know, right?). He also LOVES instruments and pretends to play the drums and guitar on his stomach all the time.

If he wants your attention and doesn't get it immediately, he will simply repeat his sentence over and over and very loudly until you acknowledge that you heard him.

He runs everywhere. All the time. Especially if I'm trying to change his diaper or clothes.

Speaking of diapers, we're gonna try to brave potty training in the next couple of weeks! I told Matt that I'd potty train the girls if he took the boy, so it's his turn!

Landon is a terrible shopping buddy. If I let him walk, he stops at every. single. toy and yells, "Oooh! Look, Mommy!" If I let him ride in the big part of the basket, he plays the stand up game, making me stop every two seconds to make him sit down. If I strap him into the front seat, he screams the entire time we're in the store and I become that mom. The only thing that kind of works is if I remember to take a stroller and he can sit in that. Otherwise, shopping with him is only possible with another adult around to help corral him.

He loves watching movies, especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally and the Winnie the Pooh movie. And he likes Tangled a lot because he thinks it's just about the horse.

It's impossible to be mad at this kid. He is so stinkin' cute even when he's causing trouble. He is definitely the life of the party and loves to make people laugh.  And he absolutely adores his big sister. They always play together and chase each other around the house, laughing about everything. I hope they're best friends when they get older.

We have had so much fun watching Landon grow into such a sweet and spunky little boy, and we can't wait to see him as a big brother in a couple of months.

We love you like crazy, Lan Man! Happy 2nd Birthday!

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