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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Phone Dump and Catch Up

Does the fact that the word "dump" makes me snicker? Haha, probably.

Either way, I need to blog. I have some unpublished phone pics. Here's my solution.

One of my favorite things about warm weather (ahem, minus today-- what is up with this 40 degrees in MAY fiasco?!?) is that we spend lots of time outside and with friends. Our neighbors across the street usually get home about the same time Matt does, which means the kids and I are usually waiting outside and ready to PLAY! Sometimes we play in Whitney and Cody's front yard, and sometimes we play in ours, but last week we had the kids all running around in the back, so they ended up staying for tacos on the deck. Fun times! We have some pretty awesome neighbors in our little cul-de-sac. (And Brooke, you guys seriously need to start joining us!)

Our church hosted The Art of Marriage last weekend, and it was amazing. Matt and I were technically "in charge," but our team was absolutely incredible. They made everything so easy! I love seeing the body of Christ come together in ministry, and I'm so thankful for every member of this team.
L-R: Cindy, April, Kyndra, Iris, Wendy, Me, Ral, Matt, Karen, John

The Art of Marriage is a video conference put out by Family Life, and it's extremely well done. It's not just a lecture series that they filmed and distributed; it's a combination of (surprisingly) well-acted vignettes, meaningful testimonies, and expert teaching that go along with a workbook full of questions and projects for you to work through with your spouse. It was a really meaningful weekend for us as a couple. I'm so thankful that God put Matt in my life!

And while were were gone Friday and Saturday, Avery and Landon were spoiled by uninterrupted NeNe and Pop Pop time! I think Matt's parents were a little tired after the weekend, haha.

I got to FaceTime with my super amazing sister, who is currently in Fiji working with an incredible missionary family. The Pittmans are Christians who want to see the gospel spread, but their primary purpose is to build relationships and love people, allowing the gospel to overflow into their friendships with the people. So Allison is there working on some photography and video stuff for their ministry and also helping Laura build her own photography business.

After church on Sunday we went to lunch with a few other families. We banished the "bigger" kids to their own table. I don't think they minded. :)
Lily, Avery, Emma, Harley, and Jake

Sunday was our last regular AWANA night. I can't believe Avery's first year of Cubbies has flown by so quickly!

I'm sewing up a storm these days and spent my Tuesday evening cutting fabric. Lots and lots of fabric. I can't wait to show you what I finished (once I get the pics back from the customer)!

I really, really like my Mops table this semester. We did a photo scavenger hunt on Wednesday, and here are a few worth keeping.
BACK: Lis, Megan, Me; FRONT: Julia, Becca, Stephanie

Landon was a show-stealer at the nursing home this week! He was hilarious and had all the residents cracking up. He loves to dance and run circles and give fives and "help" Matt play guitar. I seriously love this recent burst of huge personality we're seeing in him.

We even took the kids out for ice cream afterward (it might have been a bribe fulfillment from earlier in the day when Avery was refusing to go to Mops).

Carrie's getting married NEXT WEEK! Avery (finally) tried on her flower girl dress tonight. That girl melts my heart. :) We're excited to add a brother-in-law to Matt's family and spend the weekend celebrating with them! (And I'm currently reaping the benefits of having a super talented husband. Matt's serenading me while practicing the song he's singing in the wedding. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that my bridesmaid dress still fits next week, so if Harper could just hold off on her next growth spurt for just a few days, that'd be awesome. Is that too vain? Fine.)

And now I will leave you with this nugget: If you're ever blogging with a bowl of chocolate chips in your hand and one falls mid-bite, you should probably look for it so it doesn't melt all over your favorite maternity shirt, only to be discovered after you get up to pee for the millionth time that day. Not that I know this from experience.

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Brooklynn said...

Avery looks so cute in her dress!! I've been following Allison through Instagram, looks amazing!