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Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend in Houston: Wedding Fun and a Ranger Game!

We're back from a whirlwind of a three day weekend in Houston! Matt took a half day on Thursday, so we got to spend even more time with family and friends to celebrate Carrie's wedding! (Carrie is Matt's little sister.) 

And after a stressful drive that included heavy rainstorms for 80% of our route, we were especially thankful to finally arrive around 10:30 so we could get the kids to bed. We'll call that Late Night #1.

L: Landon and Josie were two peas in a pod. They're two months apart and had a blast running around together all weekend. Josie is Matt's brother's little girl, and they live in Connecticut, so we only see them like once a year. R: Avery and Ava are less than a year apart and are now officially cousins!

On Friday we all went and got our nails done after lunch at Olive Garden! Avery loved hanging out with the big girls while the little kids had to stay at the house and take naps.

On Friday night we made the long trek to Bubba's (Carrie's fiance) family's house for a real live barn party/rehearsal dinner. I've never had so many stereotypically Texan experiences as this weekend!
 By the time we made it back to the house at 11, the girls got started with the last minute wedding preparations. Miriam and I rocked our list-making and computer formatting skills, while Carrie and Arlene turned into master florists and put together all the boutonnieres. Friday was Late Night #2.

Saturday was wedding day! Arlene and Carrie left for the venue around 8:30, and Miriam, Avery, and I headed out around 9:30 for the hour and a half drive to Conroe. The boys stayed with the little kids, who would never make it the whole day without napping and a semi-normal schedule.

After hitting up Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-a, and Walmart, it was time to get pretty! Avery definitely felt like a princess with her fancy hair, dress, and jewelry. And shoot, I can't remember the last time I had my hair and makeup done!
 Carrie had so many gorgeous details for the wedding! It was so perfect and so her.

I wish I'd gotten a better picture of our shirts, but Miriam and I were both wearing some super cute embroidered button-ups that Carrie had monogrammed for all the bridesmaids. And we got COWBOY BOOTS! I don't even have a picture right now, but they are CUTE. It only took me 29 years of living in Texas to own my very first pair, haha. Avery and Josie both got some adorable jewelry and hair accessories, and Landon got a personalized baseball!
I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, but thanks to some practice and lots of Goldfish crackers, Landon and Avery made it down the aisle and through the wedding! I was super proud. (Now the professional pictures afterward were a different story...)

These guys are so cute. Bubba is a cowboy through and through, and he and Carrie balance each other out so well.

My handsome man! He sang a Keith Urban song during the ceremony (his very first country performance, haha).
Me with the GORGEOUS bride!

These kids danced the night away! (I love Edie's moves that we captured in this pic, haha!)

Avery danced with Ava and the littler kids, but she also had the BEST time just dancing by herself. She was completely enamored with her twirly dress. Matt couldn't help stepping in though to steal a dance or two.

Siblings (plus Josie and Landon)!

Matt with his buddy Adam (I forgot to get a picture with Melissa! But I do feel like I need to document that their little girl, Edie, totally loved me. That picture was too blurry to post though, so you'll just have to take my word for it!)

Um, this never happens. Ever. Landon was WORN OUT.

See? We laid out a sleeping bag for him and he slept through the last hour or two of the reception. (But aren't those boots the cutest things you've ever seen?!?)
We didn't get back to Matt's parents' until 1 in the morning, so we'll call that Late Night #3. Yikes! We did get to sleep in a little on Sunday, and Matt fixed everybody some biscuits and gravy before we had to pack up and head out to meet some friends for the Rangers/Astros game. 

We had a blast with my college roommate Tiffany and her two kiddos! Her husband is out of the country on business right now, so her brother came with her instead. And the Rangers won 12-7, so happy Mother's Day to me! (For the record, I still prefer the Ballpark in Arlington.)
Yep, Landon busted his lip. But considering all the blood that we witnessed, I'm just thankful it was only his lip. Also, I don't handle my kids' injuries well, but this isn't really new information.

After the game we ended up stopping at Jason's Deli in The Woodlands for dinner so we wouldn't be stuck at a McDonald's in the middle of nowhere. Since it added so much time to our trip, Sunday was Late Night #4. We didn't get home until 10:30, but thanks to some good movies in the car and two giggly kids, the drive was actually pretty pleasant.

We even slept in today. Avery woke up at 8:15, but Landon and I slept until after 9 (since Avery was content to look at pictures and play games on my phone). After catching up on laundry this morning, we'll head to the grocery store after Landon wakes up from his nap, and we should be caught up and ready for the week! Well, I won't really be caught up until I get my Etsy orders finished, but I'm crossing my fingers for a productive evening.

And before I forget, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to Nutmeg, my crazy, sweet, lovable, frustrating, gorgeous puppy (who's not really a puppy anymore)!!! She drives me nuts most days, but I really do love her to pieces.

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