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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

38 Weeks and a General Update

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 38 weeks (only 2-ish to go!)
Size of baby: According to today's sonogram, she's already around 7 lb 12 oz. Apparently I grow big babies. As long as she can fit into her newborn clothes for at least a few weeks, I'm okay with it. :)
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs. (but I actually lost .2 lb since my appointment two weeks ago!)
Maternity Clothes: Yes. And some of them are getting a little snug, so I'm down to wearing basically the same few things over and over.
Gender: We're having a GIRL! Harper Kate :)
Movement: Baby girl moves a LOT. And now she's getting big, so it's actually painful. She also gets the most active at night, so falling asleep is pretty difficult.
Sleep: I sleep okay (as in I can go all night without getting up to go to the bathroom), but finally falling asleep is half the battle.
What I miss: Not needing to pee every thirty minutes. Really, it's getting out of hand.
Cravings: I don't have a huge appetite these days (hence the lack of weight gain), but I was SERIOUSLY craving Branded Burger last night. So we went there for lunch today. Mmmm, it's my favorite.

Symptoms: A big ol' belly. Lots of Braxton Hicks. Lower back pain. Other fun stuff that I probably shouldn't mention on the blog.
Best Moment this week: It's been a really great week since I last posted. Let's play catch up.

Wednesday - My good friend Kendra asked if Landon and Avery could go play at her house so Matt and I could have a day to ourselves. It was much needed and a huge blessing. We went to pick up some cloth diapers that I had bought in Ft. Worth, so we hung out in that area for the day. We got to go shopping at multiple stores without getting kids in and out of hot car seats, and we ate lunch at a restaurant and everything (yay for gift cards). :)  And if that didn't make Kendra awesome enough, she also gave us an early gift for Harper's room, and I love how it turned out (even if the picture doesn't do it justice)!

The kids took late naps, so that night we took them to the drive-in to see Turbo and Despicable Me 2. We were pretty sure they wouldn't make it through both movies, so we set up a little bed in the back of the van so they could sleep while we watched the second movie. I was SO thankful we set up that bed because I was the one who couldn't make it through both movies. Avery and Landon stayed awake through the end (which was well past midnight)! 

Friday - We drove out to Burleson to spend the evening with some of our very favorite people, Candie, Ricky, and Jacob! They only live 45 minutes away from us now, but we hadn't seen them in months. That's just ridiculous. Also ridiculous: I took no pictures.
Sunday - I got a huge surprise at church when I found out there was a thank you reception thing for me after the service. It was really informal but so sweet. People wrote the sweetest notes thanking me for serving as the children's ministry director, and there was a money/gift card tree that many had contributed to. I was completely overwhelmed by the gesture; I may have cried when I finally got to sit down and read everything. 
Between kids napping at my parents' house because we had a Sunday School teacher training, Matt going to worship team rehearsal, and eating dinner at my parents' since we were already there, we didn't get home until 7 that night. My friend Whitney came over after we got home so we could work on our nap mat project together. We worked until 2am, but they're finished! We had to deconstruct an example, figure out measurements and the process, and then put ours all together, so it was quite a task! I'm glad I didn't have to figure it out by myself! My kids love theirs; in fact, they begged to sleep on them tonight, so I compromised and said they could sleep on them as long as they were on their beds. :)

Monday - I didn't end up going to bed Sunday night until 3am, and Matt was up reading until 2:30, so we were basically zombies. Avery was begging us to go to the park, so when my brother Aaron texted us to tell us that's where they were going, it only made sense that we join them. And Nick got to stop by since he's working days now! We even got to eat lunch at Aaron and Chelsea's. I left for my chiropractor appointment while the kids were napping, and afterward I drove up to see my good friend Kari at the hospital because she had her sweet baby GIRL on Sunday! I didn't get to meet baby Ella because she's having a little bit of a rough start, but it was fun to catch up with Kari.

Tuesday - And that brings us to today. We still haven't gone to the grocery store, so our pantry and fridge are bare. Don't feel too sorry for us though because we used it as an excuse to load up on sugar at the donut store on our way to my doctor appointment. :)
We took the whole gang to the appointment since I was getting a sonogram, but I found out while I was there that my OB is in the hospital for exhaustion and hypertension, so I saw his nurse instead. She ended up being awesome (she's new, so I hadn't really met her before), and I found out that I'm dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced. While that means virtually nothing, it's still interesting to know I guess. Also, the sonographer was kinda concerned about my fluid levels, so I have to be checked again next week to make sure everything's still okay. And I'm holding out hope that Harper will stay put until next week so my doctor can deliver her!  

Matt fixed our mower this afternoon!!! This is a huge deal. We've been borrowing our neighbors' mowers for at least a month because ours is apparently a piece of crap and the engine isn't even manufactured anymore, making it almost impossible to find parts for it. But Matt found the part he needed on Amazon and got it running today! And since it was a million degrees outside and the kids insisted on playing out there anyway, we got out the kiddie pools, invited the neighbors over, ordered some pizza, and enjoyed the shade. I love summer!

I still think I'll go at least to my due date, but everybody around me is convinced that Harper will be joining us soon. I took the evening off from my sewing machine, but I'll be hitting it hard tomorrow to catch up on orders. Oh, and I really need to clean my house. Maybe things will be finished before I go into labor? A girl can dream.

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Jamie Butts said...

I'm praying for you, Heather! If it's any encouragement, I think I'm sleeping better after delivery than before!!