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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Avery's 4th Birthday: Hello Kitty

Avery turned four last week and we had a blast celebrating our precious girl!

Per her request, we threw her a Hello Kitty party and invited her little girl friends from church. (Side note: Avery decides months in advance what her next party theme will be and never wavers.  She’s already planning a Minnie Mouse party for next year.)

When the girls arrived they played in Avery’s room until everyone got there. Then they each got to paint their own Hello Kitty magnet. I had no idea we could fit so many little girls at our kitchen table!

Then they played Pin the Bow on the Kitty, which I was totally going to make but ran out of time and cheated by getting it at the store. Sometimes the time/money tradeoff is totally worth it. Avery won, but I’m pretty sure she could see under the mask because she was the first one and I don’t think I checked it that well, haha. It was her birthday party, so I guess it’s okay that I essentially helped her cheat.

After the game the girls devoured some cupcakes, frozen grapes, sausage balls. and pink popcorn.  Matt is the cake guru around here, and he used the same recipe that he used for Landon's party last month because they are the absolute best cupcakes in the world. 

Then Avery opened her gifts and was clearly overwhelmed by the process. Coupled with the fact that I planned a party during the time she normally naps, I don't really blame her for zoning out at this point. Shoot, gift time at kid parties stresses ME out, too (even when it's not our party)!

And even though it was a zillion degrees outside, the girls all wanted to play in the backyard for the rest of the party. Avery got out of her funk and declared the party lots of fun (despite appearances for some of it!), which allows me to declare it a success.

(Although next year I've already decided the kids are doing a combined party at Pump it Up.)

Invitations: Me (using good ol' Microsoft Word and printing on pink card stock)
Ceramic magnet paint sets: Party City
Pin the Bow on the Kitty game: Party City
Cupcake toppers: Joann
Cupcakes: Matt, my rock star of a husband
Hello Kitty shirt: Target
Tutu: Me (using my go-to tutorial)
Paper goods: Target
Custom plate: Rosie Posie Designs


And then on her ACTUAL birthday, we celebrated some more! What birthday is complete without a sugar high for breakfast?

Then we finally got to see Monsters University, which both kids loved (as did Grandma, Aunt Allison, Matt, and I).

Avery got to choose our lunch location, and she surprisingly passed up Chick-fil-a for Chipotle!

We went home for naps, and Matt fixed Avery's birthday dinner request (biscuits, bacon, eggs, and fruit) before we went to my parents' to watch the Ranger game and eat ice cream.

We love our sweet four year old and had so much fun celebrating her special day! 

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