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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photo Catch Up: Summer Edition

My blogging has been so sporadic that it's time for a huge catch up post! We've been having a blast this summer. Here's proof!

June 26: Mom and Dad finally got back from their extra long European vacation, so they joined us for a trip to see Despicable Me (the first one) at the local theater for their super cheap summer movie series. We grabbed breakfast at Chick-fil-a first though to make sure they were acclimated to Texas life again. We met up with some friends at the movie, and then we went to Chick-fil-a again for lunch. Don't judge.

June 28: The boys went to the Ranger game with the men's ministry at church, so the girls took a break from cleaning to go get snow cones!

June 30: Fun outside! Landon's hair cut, unpoppable bubbles, a blow up pool, and Avery's new roller skates make for a perfect summer evening.

(This is the big, unruly dog that our crazy backyard neighbors complain about.)

July 1: Avery and I had so much fun decorating her new wooden dolls. Coloring is extremely therapeutic; I don't know why I don't do it more often!

July 2: We took advantage of the awesome weather and spent the morning at the Dallas Zoo (membership passes have been an awesome investment for us).

July 2: After our fun zoo trip, my whole family found a day that worked for all of us to go to the Ranger game! We lost terribly in an ugly game, but the weather was perfect and the company was the best. (And if my mom ever posted pictures, I'd have the group shot to include here, haha.)

July 4: We hung out at the house during the morning and then stopped by my friend Kari's surprise birthday party before the annual Fourth of July party at the Talley house!
Avery was super excited that her friend Hailey was in town! She's missed her since she moved away!

Landon hates fireworks right now. He was traumatized by them at the Ranger game and hasn't gotten over it!

Hahaha, this picture makes me laugh so much! I feel like this is a preview of what we'll see in ten years.


This week we're staying home because this cute kid is potty training! He is doing SO awesome, and there is absolutely nothing cuter than a little boy in Mickey Mouse briefs, hehe. (And maybe now that it's worked twice people will stop giving me a hard time about potty training our kids so "early." Hey, at least we won't be buying diapers anymore.)

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