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Monday, November 16, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Dear Parents of English II Students,

No, your child may not do anything extra to earn extra credit for last six-weeks, unless that "anything extra" is to reverse time and put forth more effort on their "reasearch papper." Had they shown concern for their missing work while there was still time to complete it, they might be one of the 65% of my students who actually passed this six-weeks.

Yes, your precious darling can still receive a zero for their mechanics grade even though they "turned it in." They made enough mistakes to warrant a negative grade; the zero was generous. You're welcome.

No, I do not hate your student. In fact, I really do care about his or her success in and out of my classroom. We actually have a pretty good relationship, and your student will perform better in class (and in life) if you will let them learn these lessons, albeit the hard way, without making excuses for them and telling them that it's all the teacher's fault.

Mrs. !@#$%

It's been a bad day.


Brooklynn said...

Ah Heather I'm sorry, bummer.

Jamie said...

Rotten day...But I say you should keep your expectations high. I am a former teacher, and it has sometimes been painful to watch my own children's teachers and their practices. You sometimes get what you expect. But either way, NOT lowering your standards is THE BEST education you can give your students.
Hang in there!