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Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up.

It seems I have disappeared from the blogosphere, but school's back in full swing, which means that I am, too.

I loved loved loved my time "off" this past week, so it was beyond difficult to get out of bed this morning to come to school, especially since I have a teething (translation: fussy, won't sleep, gnawing-her-hands-off) baby who would only sleep right next to me last night (after countless attempts to put her down in her crib) and a now-very-sick husband who woke up with chills and a fever, tried to go to school, but failed and is now wallowing in misery at home.

Here are some glimpses of our life from the past week:

Time with Matt's family
This girl is eating like a champ! (She even wants to hold the spoon...)
Dancing at Adam and Melissa's wedding
Taking Avery to the Water Wall (where Matt proposed to me...awww)
Thanksgiving Day with my familia
Black Friday is for shopping? Nah, not this year. Chick-Fil-A with Jenn, Julie, and Kari instead.Drive-In with siblings and cousins! (Planet 51 [liked it] and The Blind Side [loved it])
Photo shoot by Al
My cute family :)
It's tough to miss a week of blogging-- sorry for the picture overload! At least now I'm semi-caught up. Whew. Check that one off the list.


Brooklynn said...

your pictures turned out great!! Glad you had a week off to recover!

Kati said...

I love those pictures your sister took of ya'll! She's getting so big :>

Kati said...

Avery, not your sister :) ha ha