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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Five

I've been on temporary blog hiatus because, quite frankly, I've been wallowing in a sea of self-pity. As seen in my last post, my week didn't start off so hot, and folks, it only got worse from there. Instead of recounting all the ridiculous little things that amounted to the huge mess that is me this week, I will rejoice that IT IS FRIDAY, which brings me to...

1. This week was a slap in the face lesson in perspective. Yes, many crummy crummy things happened back to back to back to back to, well you get my point. I know too many people who are dealing with cancer, struggling to get pregnant, going through a divorce, trying to make ends meet, you name it. My "problems" seem so insignificant in light of true suffering. Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that these trials are only temporary, and instead of whining about all that is going "wrong" in my life, I should point my attention away from myself and onto a hurting world.

2. This girl is all over the place. I'm afraid to see how active she gets when she can actually crawl instead of just roll herself everywhere. Look out, world! (p.s. Ignore the red eyes and drool; she has clogged tear ducts and is seriously teething.)
3. Cereal and I have a great relationship. Except that it's getting a little out of hand and I must get it under control. I'm sitting here (on m conference, not teaching, silly) munching on dry oatmeal squares (so yummy, by the way!), and I feel ridiculous. Yesterday I even brought my fancy portable cereal bowl and ate real cereal with real milk in my very own classroom. It was brilliance. I digress. In my kitchen at this moment, I have no fewer than 8 boxes of cereal. Yes, EIGHT. I can't help it. The sales/coupon combo that results in $1.50 cereal boxes calls to me. It's a problem.

4. We leave for Houston today (and I finally got the house/dog sitter problem solved-- thanks Alex and Sarah!), and I have not packed. Ugh, why do I always do this?!?! It's not like I haven't known we were going on this trip for months. So after the bell rings at 3:45 and I'm able to leave at 4, I'm jetting out those doors, packing my bags, and leaving this town for five whole days. I need a break. (But I will miss my crazy little puppies.)

5.  Shout out to the Company Girls. It's Friday coffee, and while I don't actually have coffee right now (does cereal count?), I'm hoping to actually have time to browse some blogs today now that I'm not swimming through a to-be-graded pile of research papers.

Thank you, Lord, for Fridays.


Anonymous said...

First, you have such an adorable baby!

Second, I totally understand wallowing in self pity and I, too, often need to give myself a little perspective.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

...and please do not check this comment for grammatical errors. :-)

Brooklynn said...

You survived! And that's all that matters! :)

Enjoy your week, hopefully I'll be able to see you before you guys before you leave!

Anonymous said...

1. Sorry to hear about the crummy week. Things can only get better, so I hope you will have a great weekend and week ahead!
2. I can't get my little one to stay on her back at all. And now she's doing this "talking" thing that sounds like screeching. =p
3. I love cereal too! Hubby does the grocery shopping so he doesn't buy too much at once, but man, those coupons get me everytime.
4. Have a safe trip.
5. No coffee here either. Maybe some hot chocolate since it was a rainy day.

carikaufm said...

Wow! Crazy week!

I am praying for you! Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

I personally am a big cereal fan. I like it for snacks at any time of day or night, as well as complete meals. Thumbs up.

I am so sorry about your crummy week. I read your sweet letter to the parents and could picture the scenario perfectly. That cannot be a fun experience.

I do hope your Thanksgiving week is great!!! Enjoy every moment NOT grading papers and hanging out with your family and friends.

One More Equals Four said...

I am so sorry you have had a bad week! I can definitely relate. There are those times that I really know my problems are small compared to some, but they are mine and they are rough! We are not created for this fallen world and we long for something better and I cannot wait for the day I am in Heaven with my savior. Until then...I just have to keep my eyes on Him on those lousy days and weeks! Hopefully yours will turn around soon!

Hope you have a great time in Houston!

LydiaCate said...

Bad week be gone! Now...trip...away...turkey...dressing...Woohoo! I do hope you have a great Thanksgiving with you fam.! I have some close friends in the Houston area as we lived in League City for 10 years. Busy place! Don't miss that!
That little baby girl is precious! said...

so glad you made it to the weekend!

I can relate to the troubles of finding dog sitters. My dogs are very lovable and easy to care for and obedient, but so many people are busy with their own lives! I feel relief for you that you got it all sorted out.

Jamie said...

I know how others' problems can leave you feeling a little low--and somewhat guilty when your own life is pretty darned good! Just remember you are showing your beautiful little girl how to love and care for others; you are also helping her learn that she can help people but can't take on their problems.