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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five.

I love...

1.  ...this blog. Go there. 

2. ...the fact that research papers are due today, and although that also means I now have to grade all of them, I don't even care as long as the end is officially in sight. Bonus: Up on my board I wrote the order that everything needed to be organized in their turn-in folder (obsessive compulsive much?), and I snuck in "chocolate so I'm in a good mood when I grade your paper" to see if they noticed (joking of course! or, uh, not joking so much; it's relative), so I now have a mini-fridge full of Kit Kats! Now when I'm done grading papers, I will also fit back into my post-pregnancy-still-a-little-fat jeans. Wait, that's not a good thing? Dangit.

3. ...that we're driving to Austin tonight to see Candace, Ricky, and Jacob! We've never met the little Jake-O-Lantern, and we're so excited to spend some time with some of our favorite people. Not to mention that they live very close to some amazing outlets. Score! 

4. ...Thanksgiving. It's coming up so fast, and I cannot WAIT. A whole week off= a wedding weekend, catching up with the in-laws, family pictures with Allison (she's amazing, check her out if you're looking for a photographer), Thanksgiving at Nana's (yum!), movies in an actual theater (vs. the good ol' RedBox standby), shopping, decorating for Christmas, and spending the whole week with Avery and Matt. Those moments truly are priceless.

5. ...Google Reader. It lets me continue my blog-reading obsession much more quickly than going to each individual blog.  Side note: If you only read my blog on Facebook, you're missing out on a super-cute layout (that I'm actually looking to change up a little once I get the hang out the poor man's version of Photoshop, aka and links to some awesome blogs (seriously, check 'em out on the left side of my blog).  Oh, and while you're there (or, uh, here), leave a comment. I like to know who my stalkers are. :)

Have a great weekend!

11 comments: said...

haha, I'm pretty sure I've tried to bribe my way into a better grade in the past.

ALLISONNN35 said...

THANKS! I'm plugging you on my blog toooo. :) I love you and I am sooo excited to take yall's pics this break!

Aiming4Simple said...

I came over for coffee and really enjoyed scrolling down and taking in your other posts as well. Are you a writing teacher?

mholgate said...

You do have a super fun layout! I came over from Home Sanctuary though, not Facebook.

Good luck grading the research papers. Nice touch with the chocolate bribe. :)

Have a good weekend!

Heather said...

Yay, new readers! I'm a high school language arts teacher, so writing is thrown in there as well. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Joyce said...

I can be stalker-ish tendencies sometimes when it comes to blogs. haha But I always let people know that I kinda sorta stalk them. =p Happy 4 months to your little one. My 2nd one is turning 6 months next week. It is going by way too fast. Love your Five! Have a great weekend.

One More Equals Four said...

Love the chocolate bribe idea...I totally need to try that out to see if my kids are really checking our homeschool tutorial website!

You are right, your facebook readers are missing an adorable layout--too cute!

Have a great weekend!

LydiaCate said...

I stalked on over from Home Sanctuary! :) Enjoyed looking around your blog.
Hope the grading goes quickly. I will be teaching that same thing soon. Fortunately I will only have two students to teach and grade.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Brooklynn said...

I don't like to stay I stalk your blog but I do get excited when I see you have posted something new! :)

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What a beautiful blog - and a darling little one on his 4 month day! Enjoy every moment - you will blink and he'll be in college.

Rachel Anne said...

Hey, how cool that I will now get to know you through blogging??? Love what you've got going on here. Your baby is darling and I know you are a great mom already. I'm going to go check out Allison's blog.

Thanks for the nice link!! I am honored to be at #1. :)

Kit Kats are definitely worth a .5 grade boost.