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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Five

1. Happy (day late) 5 Monthday to Avery! She looks very happy in this picture, which means that she is definitely not her mother's daughter. Wait, not that I'm unhappy; let me explain. The girl has been seriously congested (never with fever) all week, had another eye flare up (clogged tear ducts-- pretty common), and had a nice reprise of a lovely diaper rash at the time of this picture. She's been pretty miserable lately, but oh, how she loves those feet. She can't get enough of them (which makes it pretty difficult to change her diapers these days)! She's such a big girl now, weighing in at 17ish pounds and rolling her little self all over the place. She eats rice cereal like a champ, and I'm thinking about adding in her second "real" food soon. Any suggestions? I'll be making her baby food, so I should have some nice adventures with that to post soon. :)

2. In other news, Matt has been out of commission since Sunday. He never gets sick, so it was a little strange to see him like this
I did learn something though. There is a difference between cough drops and Halls Defense with Vitamin C. Oops. I bet I won't be sent to the store for cough drops again any time soon. He is getting better now though, so I'll be back to having only one baby to take care of. (Hehe, I'm totally joking. He really wasn't that bad.)

3. I did venture out to "help" at soccer tryouts this week although I only made it to the girls' nights. It was definitely a bittersweet feeling to step foot on the field again. I miss seeing the girls every day, getting to work with students in a setting outside of the classroom, watching a player finally "get" what we've been pounding in their heads for a whole season, playing on the field with my team at practice, not having a 7th period English class, and hanging out with the coaches.

However, Wednesday and Thursday night I also missed seeing Avery's smile when I walked in to pick her up at day care, taking care of her when she was coughing, watching her make faces and goofy sounds while she ate her rice cereal, and all the other things I know I missed while I was away from her for the extended workday. It was the validation that I needed that I made the right choice to not coach this year, as hard as that decision was to make.

4. My goal tonight: finally finish decorating our tree and put up the rest of my summer clothes in the attic so my house will no longer be cluttered. It's driving me NUTS. I might have pictures to post tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

5. Only two more weeks of school until two glorious weeks of vacation! Have a great weekend!

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