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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five.

1. We are so blessed. (Thanks for all the sweet comments on my imported-to-FB blog yesterday, btw.) I have a bad tendency to get overwhelmed with the things on my To-Do list(s) and stress out about anything and everything, but this time of year I'm always reminded just how fortunate we are.  It's impossible to not want to give back to the community and others who aren't as "lucky," especially during this emotionally-charged season. I want to challenge you, if you haven't already, to find a way to give back over the next few weeks. Maybe it's just by adopting an "angel" from a local angel tree or baking cookies for a neighbor or even just dropping some change in those freezing Salvation Army workers' buckets. However big or small it may seem, do something.

2. Speaking of being fortunate, I really don't know of anything I need for Christmas. I'm kind of boring when it comes to gifts because I really prefer something practical to a novelty item or this year's coolest trends. I could get into all sorts of reasons why I feel this way, but I'll spare you today. Anyway, I'm bringing this up to point out that I did find something that I want. Not need, just want. At the risk of revealing my true inner nerd, I present... the best planner ever

The fonts are so pretty, it has all the monthly calendars in the front and the weekly ones in the back, it has sections for menu planning, and it comes in all sorts of colors. Sigh, I'm in love.

3.  If you're my Facebook friend, you might have noticed that there are an un.real. amount of hideous old pictures of me that, in the recent past, have been posted and tagged by some long-time friends. My pictures are coming. Be forewarned. Once I drag our scanner out of the closet, it will be an interesting stroll down memory lane.  

4.  I probably won't get to those pictures until Christmas break though because this weekend I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart and doing some serious baking.  We're talking cake balls, my favorite chocolate chocolate chip cake, and even some apple pies. That's right; be impressed. Oh, and if you want in on the sugary goodness, you might even be extra nice to me. Sometimes I share.

5.  Sometime around all the baking, I WILL be finishing my Christmas decorations (and giving Matt a little shove out the door to finally put up our lights), shopping for gifts, going to Christmas parties, addressing our Christmas cards, and hanging out with my two favorite people.

It can't get much better than that, folks. 


Stephenie said...

It started snowing like crazy here. I am now ready to bake. For some reason i just couldn't get excited about it, but now my kitchen shall be filled with sugary goodness as well.

Whitney said...

Love the planner! Where can I get one? :-) forgot to add "playing with" to your weekend list...

Heather said...

Stephenie, I'm glad someone else has caught the baking fever! And I'm jealous of your snow if I'm being perfectly honest.

Whitney, I included the link to the planner :) Did I mention that I love it?? I DO need to play with will you be around this weekend?

Brooklynn said...

I'm going through ECAP. It's the oldest program in the state of Texas and most familiar, I like it so far too. He is wanting to teach too?

I read his blog although it has been awhile since he has updated it, he is a great writer!

One More Equals Four said...

I so need to start my baking, I just can't seem to get the blocks of time I need!

Hope you find the time to get all your Christmas up! I love how our house looks this time of year!

carikaufm said...

That planner looks awesome! Add it to my Christmas list!

It sounds like crazy baking at your house! If you need a taste-tester, I am available!

O! and Congratulations on your new position and all the life decisions you made this week!

joyceandnorm said...

You'll have to share the cake ball recipe. I haven't decided what we're baking this year.

I'm boring with gifts too. I've gotten one too many gifts that I won't really use on a regular basis. Not the best for someone who doesn't like clutter.

Happy baking and happy decorating!

Rachel Anne said...

Heather, I believe we sorta live in the same vicinity and I am always open to gifts of the Baked Kind. :) Cake balls! I love those things.

Kidding about the gifts, but I AM very serious about your planner suggestion. I am always looking for the perfect planner. I'm always frustrated with trying to sync phone/computer/notebooks argh! I like to SEE things...whole front of me, but I alwo need room for my daily notes. Maybe this is The Thing! Thanks.

I will be praying for you in your quest to stay home and your new position with your church. lots of new things for you! It will be an adventure.

LydiaCate said...

Baking is on my to do list this week. And I too need a new planner. Thanks for sharing yours.