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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Five

1. I am a mean teacher. I am the only teacher in the entire school who is making her students do work on the last day before Christmas break. Oh, and not just any work, a TEST at that! Mwahahaha. I'm feeling a little Grinch-y today. Well, that and we really needed to test over this unit before the kiddos took off for two whole weeks during which knowledge seems to dissipate into some black hole. 

At least my students are behaving like human beings today as opposed to the maniacal creatures they become during class "parties." Maybe testing wasn't such a bad idea.

2. How adorable is this outfit?? I'll admit, it's cuter on Avery, but in the rush of this morning I didn't get a picture. 

It was so cute to see the little babies in Avery's class decked out for Christmas today. I was also reminded today that I am teaching at the wrong level. Those day care workers rake in the gifts!! (Well, I suppose elementary and middle school teachers do, too.) Either way, someone really should mention that little tidbit during education classes during college while there's still time to change your major. 

I jest. I really do love teaching high school. (Only for one more semester though! Yay!!)

3.  My brother graduates from college tomorrow! He's the third of the four of us, and he's graduating a semester early with honors.  I'm so proud of our little future-policeman. So congratulations, Nick-- we love you!!

4.  I think our kitchen will be going into retirement in the baking department for awhile. I wish I had a picture with me to post so I could show you just what a sufficient-countertop-space-lacking-kitchen looks like while there are rows of cake balls and mini chocolate chip cakes out just waiting to be deposited into cute little containers, tissue paper and ribbon included.  Sigh. I'm glad that's over!  

5.  In two hours and ten minutes it will be Christmas break. Two glorious weeks of sleeping in, playing with Avery, hanging out with Matt, visiting family, watching movies, playing games and just being still. That's my goal for the break: to be still enough to enjoy the small moments that I'll actually remember instead of running around trying to cross things off a to-do list.

Merry Christmas,

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