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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today's our third anniversary! Woohoo! Here's where I should get all sentimental about how beautiful our wedding was, how wonderful my husband is, and how much I love married life and our life together in general, but I'm not going to discuss such things.

Not that they're not completely 100% true. Because they are. Seriously. I just think that I tell my husband those things, and it's not necessary to recount such information over the internet.

So why am I blogging and not out celebrating and doing other fun things??

Matt is sick. Boo.

So change of plans. Our evening (sans baby even-- she's at my parents' for the evening) will now consist of some Super Mario: Wii Edition in front of the fire.

Happy Anniversary!

(By the way, the last week of the year is always ridiculously busy for us [as it is for most, I suppose], which is the reason my blog has been completely empty for over a week. Be back with a recap soon. But Happy New Year if I don't see you before then.)

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