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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I was so encouraged yesterday because after a rough first week staying at home, things were definitely looking up. Avery was happy, she took a nap, we ran errands without incident, the day flew by, and Matt and I got to go to the Ranger game (which we won) with some friends. Good day!

Today? Not so much.

I overslept, woke up with a headache, have had contact issues for a week now, tried to work at church but was unsuccessful because Avery was uncharacteristically clingy, couldn't get Avery to eat lunch, took a folder full of papers to be laminated at the teacher store and ended up being there for TWO HOURS because the girl was so slow, embarrassed myself at said teacher store because Avery was just over it, missed going to Costco because for some reason I didn't feel like walking around a store with a crying kid, got home to realize that I forgot to get a pile of papers laminated, listened to Avery scream for an entire hour because she refused to take a nap, and sat on the couch instead of cleaning the house like I needed to.

Ugh. I seriously don't know how everybody does it. I only have one kid and a super-supportive husband, and I can't seem to get it together.

Whine fest over.


iris said...

Some days are like that, but the good news is that tomorrow is another day and those days don't happen too often!

Brooklynn said...

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges, hopefully better ones!

Hang in there! If it makes you feel better, I have days like those and I don't even have a child. :)

So funny to read your blog because you write just like you normally talk. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the bleh-iness. Hope it has been a better day today.