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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Five

1. My sister's a beast. She put this Behind the Scenes video together for the Little Women cast. It's fun. And now I'm done posting stuff about Little Women. Promise.

2. The deck is finished! Complete! The end! Woohoo! Well, until next summer when Matt builds the pergola. For now we just need to find some patio furniture that won't break the bank. Oh, and it would be nice if Texas would decide to stay below 100 degrees so we can have a partay!

3. All of you iPhone, iPod, iPad, iLovers out there need to download the Super 7 game. It is so much fun. I can't stop playing it. And it's educational, too, so that means it's not a waste of time, right? Okay fine, so I don't need to practice my single-digit addition and subtraction skills. Anyway, the game rocks and it's free. Go get it. Go!

4. Today Avery had her very first trip to the zoo! We went with my friend Whitney and her 2-year-old daughter, Pearson. Avery adores Pearson (as she does most "big kids") and wears at least one of her hand-me-downs daily. We left the zoo too late to get home for lunch, so we got to eat at Avery's my favorite place. Chick-fil-a, y'all. Ahh, I could eat their chicken nuggets every single day. Sad, I know. I need a more sophisticated palate.

You probably can't see, but she was making fishy faces at the penguins.
The new Giants of the Savanna exhibit is super cool (but hot!). Avery wasn't terribly impressed with the giraffes.
She sure likes to "color" though! She loved the kids area.
Pearson is a zookeeper in training!
We found her animal of choice. The donkey. Go figure. She would not leave that fence. So we stayed there. Forever.
Pearson taking a dip in the kids' water area. Avery stripped down and enjoyed it, but Pearson had flair. So cute!
5. I'm excited for Matt to be home with us this weekend! Unfortunately, I'll be working at church for the majority of it. Whose idea was it to change Sunday School and Children's Church curriculum at the same time? Oh yeah, mine. Lesson learned. But I'm looking forward to Monday when teacher training is over and we're heading back to The Ballpark after a too-long hiatus. The Rangers better get back to their winning ways, especially since we're going to the Minnesota game with Twins fans!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

1. Need to come back for the vid after the girls' nap and I can turn the volume on.
2. The deck looks great. I can't believe it was done so quickly!
3. I'll let hubby know.
4. We'll be heading to the zoo soon. Got M's free pass from the reading program. Donkeys, huh? We'll have see if they have them here.
5. How I miss and don't miss all the ministry work I used to do...

Enjoy your weekend.

Brooklynn said...

I LOVE that picture of Matt on the deck. My dad still says when he built his deck, it would have been the death of him if he let it get to him.

Glad it's over and Matt can sit back and enjoy his hard work! :)