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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home again.

It was a beautiful week. A quiet week.

No Facebook. No blog. No phone. No TV. No e-mail.

Just family, the outdoors, games, rest, and food. Lots of food.

The getaway from reality was much needed, but I was glad to come home to get Avery back into her "routine," see the puppies, and sleep in a real live bed instead of an air mattress. And our super-awesome-but-underpaid house/dog sitter cleaned the house before we got home. Aah, I love the sight of fresh vacuum tracks on carpet. It's the little things.

But now I realize that our carefree week is over.

I'm supposed to take chocolate chip cake for a church luncheon tomorrow and we're (still) out of eggs and none of our neighbors are home.

I forgot to pay our stupid toll bill (you know, since we take the tollway so much) and now we have a late fee.

I signed up to give blood at church tomorrow and now I just don't want to. Okay, fine. I'm scared to.

The week's To Do list is growing longer instead of getting shorter.


Whereas this is the time I normally start dreading the start of school and all that it entails, this year I don't have to.

I'm happy about that. Campmeeting post (with pictures!) forthcoming.

Now about that bed...

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Sounds like a relaxing time...and a great house/dog sitter you have!

You can borrow some of our eggs, we got BOGO for the 18-ct, but you have to trek to Northern CA. =p

I hate late fees. I should probably pay the $3.25 that I owe the library.

Even after going through all the stuff with pregnancy and childbirth, I think I will give blood if/when someone really needs it. =p I heard that they will take it, but I have never weighed enough during high school to give it, so not sure if that has changed.

And yay for staying home with your precious girl!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.